Jennifer Lawrence fears face will be permanently disfigured after accident: Rumor


Jennifer Lawrence was worried that her face would be disfigured permanently after she encountered an accident on set while filming Don’t Look Down, according to a report.

Jennifer Lawrence has been busy filming for Adam McKay’s movie political satire disaster comedy film. While filming, Lawrence encountered an accident that allegedly made her worried about her appearance.

Jennifer Lawrence allegedly doctor-shopping

Jennifer Lawrence was doctor-shopping, according to  National Enquirer. She “fears her face may have been permanently disfigured during a terrible accident,” a source told the outlet. The insider added that Lawrence was a great actress but put significance on her looks like her “meal ticket.”

The report was referring to a glass-shattering effect that didn’t go as planned during the shoot. Lawrence was showered with sharp shards, and the glass nearly struck her eyes.

Rumors debunked

There is no doubt that The Hunger Games star was shaken by the incident. However, the tabloid’s disfigurement narrative is “completely bogus,” according to Gossip Cop.

The accident was a lot worse than what was reported because even if Lawrence got injured, the Joy actress only had a cut on her eyelid. It bled heavily, but it wasn’t as bad as what was reported on the tabloid. It was so small that it wouldn’t leave Lawrence with a disfigured face.

“It wasn’t that bad,” a source told The Enterprise’s new partner, WCVB-TV, that the 30-year-old star was recovering and would be okay after the incident. 

Gossip Cop also found a similar story published in Globe. The article was more accurate than the Enquirer story but still fairly sensationalized, according to the rumor-debunking site.

The outlet quoted an anonymous insider claiming that the incident could have easily killed Lawrence and that the actress “narrowly escaped blindness.” Gossip Cop believed that those tabloids were only using the incident to sell magazines. In fact, even Globe reported that Lawrence was already back on set and was doing the film again.

What did happen during the accident?

Prior to the accident, Jennifer Lawrence was filming a scene with co-star Timothée Chalamet. They spray-painted a window of a local Enterprise Building and were caught by police at the scene. Then, a trash can was thrown into the window, which resulted in the “controlled glass explosion,” USA Today reported.

Lawrence fell to the ground. Chalamet and the crew members immediately check on her, and she was brought inside the building and received treatment for her injury. The filming was shut down earlier than expected, but an insider assured that Lawrence was doing well.


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