Jennifer Lawrence pregnancy rumor: Actress spotted with a baby bump?

Jennifer Lawrence pregnancy rumor: Actress spotted with a baby bump?

Jennifer Lawrence is allegedly expecting her first baby with her husband, Cooke Maroney, according to a tabloid.

Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney tied the knot in 2019. It has been two years and the couple has not welcomed their firstborn yet. However, several tabloids are eager to see their first child with one outlet claiming that the Hunger Games star was photographed with a baby bump.

Jennifer Lawrence photographed with a baby bump rumor

Last year, Jennifer Lawrence was spotted walking around New York City. She was wearing a tight dress with a slight bulge on her stomach which was visible from the photograph.

Woman’s Day immediately speculated that Lawrence was pregnant and expecting her first baby with her husband. The outlet also quoted unnamed insiders to support its claim.

It quoted an anonymous source saying Lawrence “got her dream baby on board.” She reportedly wanted to have kids after drooling over Amy Schumer’s baby. And the Joy actress reportedly wanted a boy, too.

The outlet added that Lawrence and Cooke Maroney wanted to have a baby. The lockdown was reportedly a perfect opportunity for them to properly nest and for her to get sober and be very health conscious for her pregnancy.

“It would be just like Jen to do something like this. She’s been baby-mad for a very long time, and what better gift to give her and Cooke – a family!” the report concluded.

Pregnancy rumor debunked

Gossip Cop examined the report and debunked it as it was not true.

First, the tabloid claimed that Jennifer Lawrence was due to deliver her baby by Christmas 2020. Apparently, it did not happen.

In fact, when Joe Biden was announced to be the next, she was filmed running and screaming down the street to celebrate it. And in contrast to the report, Lawrence did not look pregnant at all. There was no baby bump or any sign that she was expecting.

The rumor-debunking site noted that such a story happens a lot to actresses on their bad photos. In Lawrence’s picture, she rocked a slight bump due to her dress.

Gossip Cop also noted that Lawrence’s camp never confirmed the pregnant news themselves. The outlet noted that such a report only promotes sexism and body shaming.

Also, it’s not the first time Lawrence was subjected to a pregnancy rumor. Another outlet even claimed that she was planning to quit acting.

An insider told Us Weekly that Lawrence planned to leave Hollywood to get hitched. She allegedly wanted to step back from the limelight and focus on her relationship with Maroney. 

Gossip Cop also debunked the report. While it’s true that Jennifer Lawrence took a break, she didn’t quit acting. In fact, she is slated to return to Netflix’s original film Don’t Look Up.

Image used courtesy of BAKOUNINE/Shutterstock 

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