Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez fighting over money amid athlete’s extravagant spending: Rumor

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, reportedly, have a combined net worth of $750 million. But a tabloid still thinks that the couple is fighting over money.

According to National Enquirer, Jennifer Lopez is upset with her fiancé because of Rodriguez’s nonstop spending. Even though they have more than enough money, Lopez doesn’t, allegedly, think that it’s smart to buy expensive things right now.

“If Alex had his way, he’d be buying private islands, houses all over the world, and fancy cars every week. After all, their combined wealth is about $750 million,” a source said.

Alex Rodriguez allegedly wasting his, Jennifer Lopez's money

Alex Rodriguez allegedly wasting his, Jennifer Lopez’s money

Lopez allegedly loves how Rodriguez has been showering her with expensive gifts. However, his nonstop spending is still upsetting the World of Dance judge.

“But it’s not smart business to spend money like water, and this frivolous attitude is starting to really upset her,” the source said.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Lopez and Rodriguez aren’t fighting over money.

Has Jennifer Lopez canceled her wedding to Alex Rodriguez?

The tabloids are simply trying to concoct a dubious story about the couple because they could no longer speculate on Lopez and Rodriguez’s wedding plans.

After all, Lopez has been adamant at saying that she and Rodriguez are not rushing to tie the knot. However, tabloids previously said that the Hustlers star is delaying her wedding due to COVID-19.

National Enquirer even went as far as saying that the couple’s wedding is off simply because it hasn’t happened.

“They’ve been bickering a lot behind the scenes. The pandemic was a good excuse to slow things down before they jumped the rails completely,” the source said.

Alex Rodriguez furious over Jennifer Lopez’s obsession with her appearance

The insider also claimed that Rodriguez is upset with Lopez’s obsession with her body. And the fact that Jennifer Lopez is on TikTok all the time is making her fiancé furious.

However, none of these claims are correct. Lopez and Rodriguez work out together regularly. And this proves that they take good care of themselves. It is unlikely for  Rodriguez to be upset with Lopez’s alleged obsession with her body.

It is also untrue that Jennifer Lopez and Rodriguez have been bickering nonstop. The couple regularly shares photos and videos of themselves and their kids on social media. And they are happy and in love.

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