Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez jealousy, cheating rumors ahead wedding debunked


Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been involved in various rumors ahead of their wedding.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have decided to delay their wedding due to the pandemic, but they are still together. However, several outlets claimed that they were having issues, so check out the truth.

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez cheating rumors

In Touch published a report in 2018 claiming that Alex Rodriguez was hounded by “cheating allegations.” The issue allegedly made Jennifer Lopez think twice about their future together.

The On The Floor singer was “privately questioning” their relationship after learning that he was still texting his ex, Lauren Hunter. Their friendly exchange of messages was allegedly enough for Lopez to walk away.

It has been nearly three years since the report was published, and Lopez and Rodriguez are still together. The report was false according to a source close to Lopez, told Gossip Cop.

Rodriguez jealous and furious

Jennifer Lopez stars with Milo Ventimiglia in the 2018 movie Second Act. In Touch claimed that her love scene with the This Is Us star in the shower didn’t sit well with Alex Rodriguez.

He allegedly “kind of lost it” when he saw it. Rodriguez was stupefied, according to the report.

“What made it worse is that he knew J. Lo specifically wanted Milo, and only Milo for the role,” an anonymous source said.

Lopez and Rodriguez’s rep denied the report. In an interview with Andy Cohen’s radio show, the 51-year-old singer-actress said Rodriguez gave her a go signal. The professional baseball shortstop told her it was okay to kiss Ventimiglia.

National Enquirer also claimed that Lopez was getting too close with her pal Ryan Seacrest. Rodriguez didn’t like Lopez’s close bond with the American Idol pal, who was newly single.

Rodriguez was allegedly upset, and the tabloid claimed it was “ironic” because he cheated on Lopez with multiple women. Lopez’s spokesperson denied the allegation and stressed that the story was nonsense.

Lopez and Seacrest have been good friends for years, and their friendship hasn’t bothered Rodriguez.

Rodriguez unhappy with Bennifer

Years before Jennifer Lopez started dating Alex Rodriguez, she was engaged to Ben Affleck. National Enquirer claimed that Lopez sent secret texts to Affleck.

The reports about Lopez and Affleck texting made headlines after the Argo actor said they “keep in touch periodically.” Alex Rodriguez allegedly found it odd that the exes were still communicating.

“Ben and Jen split in 2004, so it was odd for Alex to hear they still keep in touch 16 years later,” the insider said.

A source close to the situation debunked the report and said it was false. Also, there was no evidence that Rodriguez was upset about the exes touching base with one another.


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