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Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez planning $3M wedding with fireworks rumor debunked


Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are, allegedly, going all out on their wedding.

Last year, OK! magazine claimed that Jennifer Lopez and Rodriguez are planning a $3 million wedding. And the couple wants their nuptials to be the most memorable wedding of the year.

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez all-out wedding

A source claimed that Lopez and Rodriguez want to have fireworks and a 10-tier cake at their wedding. And they also, allegedly, want to invite several performers and guests to their nuptials.

However, the tabloid was unable to provide more important details to the couple’s wedding like their venue and Lopez’s dress designer. To cover their tracks, the tabloid simply claimed that Lopez and Rodriguez are keeping these things a secret from their fans.

But an entire year has passed and Lopez and Rodriguez still haven’t tied the knot. The World of Dance judge previously said that they had to put their plans on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez wedding postponed

Lopez also said that she’s in no rush to wed Rodriguez because they’ve both been married before. And Lopez and Rodriguez know that they will be together

Gossip Cop also debunked the claims made by the tabloid by saying that they don’t seem to have a clear insight into the couple. After all, E! News, a more reputable source revealed that Jennifer Lopez and Rodriguez will tie the knot in Italy.

“They have been struggling for weeks over this decision, but with no return to normalcy in the near future, the couple felt postponing the wedding was the safest and smartest choice. Guests have recently been notified that the wedding will not be happening in late summer as anticipated,” the source said.

The insider also said that Lopez and Rodriguez still hope to have the wedding of their dreams with their family and friends when the timing is right.

More rumors about the couple’s wedding

OK! magazine has also been publishing false claims about Lopez and Rodriguez for years. Last year, the tabloid claimed that the couple is tying the knot in Mexico.

Months later, they changed the wedding location by saying that Lopez and Rodriguez have decided to wed at the Vatican.

However, none of these reports are true. It seems that the tabloid is just throwing locations left and right until they hit the jackpot.

But when it comes to Jennifer Lopez and Rodriguez’s wedding, it’s best to wait for updates from the couple themselves.

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