Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez planning a $10M Hawaiian wedding: Rumor

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez planning a $10M Hawaiian wedding: Rumor

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are planning a grand Hawaiian wedding, according to a report.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were supposed to be married last year. However, they were forced to move their big day due to the pandemic. A new outlet claimed that they are now setting their eye on a multi-million wedding in Hawaii.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s Hawaiian wedding rumor

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are planning for an alternative wedding after they moved their supposed big day last year, OK! reported. The two who allegedly plan to have a ceremony in Italy are now eyeing to make it in Hawaii.

The On the Floor singer picked the island as the new location because she loves Hawaii, an insider said. Aside from moving the ceremony, she is allegedly spending more this time.

“Jen knows how to throw a party, and she’s sparing no expense. She put aside $10 million and will spend more if needed,” the tipster said.

Lopez will be flying their family and friends to attend the celebration, including her longtime BFF Leah Remini. Her guests will be staying in a luxurious hotel. Lopez and Rodriguez’s children from their previous marriages will also be there to celebrate their union. 

“The ceremony itself will be on a bluff overlooking the ocean. Jen fully intends to dazzle in diamonds and a white dress, even though this is her fourth marriage,” the source added.

Their upcoming wedding will be grand, and Lopez doesn’t mind to foot most of the bill, the source who claims to be Lopez’s friends explained. Meanwhile, the former professional baseball shortstop will be paying for their honeymoon. And he was allegedly planning a surprise for her.

Hawaiin wedding debunked

Gossip Cop examined the report and found its anonymous insider “suspicious.” Both Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez haven’t shared any details about their wedding, so the rumor-debunking site was wondering why the insider was aware of the Hawaiian wedding.

Gossip Cop concluded that the report from OK! was another bogus story about Lopez and Rodriguez’s impending wedding. It wasn’t the only outlet making claims about Lopez and Rodriguez’s special day.

The couple is allegedly going all out with a $5 million wedding because she wants to celebrate like never before following the pandemic. Rodriguez is reportedly supportive of his bride’s plans, Life & Style reported. But one should also take the report with a grain of salt because it was never confirmed by the couple.


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