Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez’s marriage in jeopardy for various reasons?

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez's marriage in jeopardy for various reasons?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were supposed to get married earlier this year, but their wedding was moved due to the coronavirus pandemic. There are rumors that their impending wedding is in jeopardy.

Jennifer Lopez would have been Mrs. Alex Rodriguez if not for the pandemic. The pair are still very much together, but there are rumors that their wedding might not happen anymore. Check out what the tabloids have been reporting about the two.

Jennifer Lopez has issues with A-Rod’s spending habits and job rumors

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most active stars in Hollywood. She never showed any sign of slowing down even if she’s already 51.

However, Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were allegedly at odds because he has no job, National Enquirer reporter. The former baseball player allegedly didn’t find anything interested to do after he retired from baseball, and Gomez wanted him to get out of their house to find a job.

The same tabloid claimed that Lopez was worried about Rodriguez’s reckless spending as it may endanger their bid to purchase New York Mets. Rodriguez was allegedly “buying private houses all over the world and fancy cars every week.”

Gossip Cop refuted the report because it’s not true. Rodriguez is making money from his endorsements and post-playing career or investments. Also, he made $445 million from playing baseball alone.

Lopez’s fiance has stopped playing baseball but has since shifted from hitting the baseball to talking about it as a Sunday Night Baseball analyst and commentator.

Moreover, there is no proof that he has been buying houses and cars.

Rodriguez got fat

National Enquirer also claimed the former athlete had packed on pounds, which disgusted the Maid in Manhattan actress. Jennifer Lopez was allegedly “grossed out by her Greek God turned slob.”

However, a source close to Lopez just laughed off the report because Rodriguez is constantly visible on TV and his built remains the same. He never packed on the pounds as what the insider claimed.

Couple allegedly “fighting often”

Woman’s Day also published a report alleging that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were often fighting. The tabloid published the report after the On the Floor singer was spotted with her sister, Linda, drinking.

The outlet said Lopez looked tense, sad, and distressed while drinking. It then concluded that she had problems because she is very careful when it comes to her food and drinks, and a mocktail would be too much sugar for her.

Gossip Cop debunked the report because Lopez’s sighting with her sister enjoying a drink doesn’t necessarily mean she was distressed. Instead, she might just be enjoying her time with her sibling.

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