Jennifer Lopez bans Ben Affleck from partying, going to clubs: Rumor

Jennifer Lopez bans Ben Affleck from partying, going to clubs: Rumor

Jennifer Lopez has, allegedly, banned Ben Affleck from partying and going to clubs.

According to Life & Style, Jennifer Lopez has a bad memory about Affleck going to clubs because the actor cheated on her with a stripper in 2003.

So, now that the exes are, allegedly, trying to see if there’s still hope for them, Lopez wants to lay down some ground rules so that their relationship will work this time around.

“She called off their wedding after Ben was caught canoodling with strippers weeks before they were set to walk down the aisle. So, this time around, Jen’s set some rules for Ben that he needs to follow in order for them to move forward: no strip clubs and no partying in general,” the source said.

Jennifer Lopez doesn’t want Ben Affleck to hurt her again

The insider said that Lopez is being protective of herself because she doesn’t want a repeat of what happened two decades ago.

“Be’s actions back then are what blew up their engagement. She was mortified. She isn’t taking any chances. He completely understands Jennifer’s reservations and has agreed to her rules. He’s a different man today. Ben is just happy that J.Lo took him back. He’ll do anything to keep her happy this time,” the source said.

Jennifer Lopez doesn't want Ben Affleck to hurt her again

Jennifer Lopez also gave Alex Rodriguez rules?

This isn’t the first time that Lopez was rumored to be giving her partner rules. Tabloids also published a similar story about the World of Dance judge with her ex, Alex Rodriguez.

Earlier this year, Life & Style claimed that Lopez gave Rodriguez a long list of rules to follow if he wants them to be together.

A source claimed that Lopez is humiliated by all the rumors that Rodriguez cheated on her. So, she wanted to keep the baseball star on a tight leash.

Rumors debunked

However, it’s evident that the tabloid’s claims weren’t true. Not long after they published their dubious claims, Lopez and Rodriguez announced their split.

Today, Jennifer Lopez and Rodriguez are still committed to being friends and business partners.

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