Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck want to become world’s biggest celebrity power couple: Rumor

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck want to, allegedly, take not just Hollywood but the entire world by storm.

According to New Idea, Jennifer Lopez is seeking the help of her manager, Benny Medina to turn her and Affleck into the world’s biggest celebrity power couple.

“J. Lo is the driving force, but Ben is very much on board. They’ve both weathered some bumps in the road in recent years due to failed relationships and his sobriety battle, but it’s time they turned it around,” the source said.

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck wants a televised wedding

Now that their relationship is public and official, Lopez and Affleck are already planning a big television interview on top of their countless photoshoots.

The A-listers, who are, allegedly, planning to tie the knot, will also have a televised wedding just like the royal family.

Ben Affleck gave Jennifer Lopez one condition 

Ben Affleck gave Jennifer Lopez one condition

Affleck, allegedly, agreed to get on board with Lopez’s plan but on one condition. The Hustlers actress will give the actor the opportunity to produce and star in a movie with Lopez.

But as exciting as the tabloid’s claim may sound, there’s no truth to them. The only accurate thing that the tabloid said is that Affleck and Lopez are dating.

Weeks ago, the reports about the two hanging out were nothing more than rumors. But just last week, Jennifer Lopez and Affleck were photographed kissing.

This gesture confirmed that the celebrities are indeed dating.

Jennifer Lopez changing Ben Affleck

Meanwhile, Lopez and Affleck also made headlines recently after National Enquirer claimed that the former is trying to change the latter’s appearance and bad habits.

“She’s urging Ben to get that hideous tattoo lasered off. She loves the feel of Ben’s skin but it’s creepy imagining that great bird flapping its wings. Until he gets it removed, she wants it to keep his back covered,” the source said.

However, there is also no truth to this claim. Jennifer Lopez has never publicly discussed Affleck’s tattoo. And by the looks of it, she won’t talk about it anytime soon because she hasn’t also talked about her relationship with the actor.

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