Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck working with wedding planner for this year’s nuptials: Rumor

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck working with wedding planner for this year's nuptials: Rumor

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck will, allegedly, tie the knot this year.

According to Globe, Jennifer Lopez and Affleck are keen to have the most spectacular wedding in Hollywood history. And they know that they need to plan things carefully with the help of a professional.

“Jennifer is being proactive and Ben is all for it. Ideally, she’d like it to be this year, but it all depends on the venues that are available and the schedules of her high-profile guests,” the source said.

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck headed for the altar

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck headed for the altar

Onlookers who recently saw the couple together claimed that Lopez and Affleck are very much in love. So, it’s not allegedly surprising if the A-listers announce their wedding plans this year.

“They’ve thrown caution to the wind and are being very open with their love and affection. Jennifer’s dancing on air and Ben’s caught up in the excitement too, so naturally, she wants to marry the reclaimed love of her life sooner rather than later,” the source said.

Another sign that Lopez and Affleck will tie the knot this year allegedly has to do with the former’s children. Since Max and Emme have already met the Batman v Superman star and seem to adore him, it’s highly likely that they are on board with the wedding plans.

Rumors debunked

However, it is important to note that there are no wedding plans just yet. Jennifer Lopez and Affleck have not expressed any desire to the knot.

By the looks of it, the tabloid is making up this dubious story because Lopez and Affleck were supposed to tie years ago. However, just before the ceremony, they announced their decision to split.

A similar thing happened to Lopez recently when she and Alex Rodriguez announced that they are calling off their engagement. Shortly after, the couple announced that they have decided to break up altogether.

This isn’t the first time that Lopez and Affleck are rumored to be tying the knot.

Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez while on vacation

Last month, New Idea claimed that Affleck proposed to Lopez while they were vacationing in Montana.

However, only the tabloid reported this, which proves that Jennifer Lopez and Affleck didn’t get engaged.

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