Jennifer Lopez buying a house in Ben Affleck’s neighborhood so she won’t move in with him: Rumor

Jennifer Lopez, allegedly, wants to be near Ben Affleck, but she refuses to move in with him.

According to Life & Style, Jennifer Lopez is thinking about buying a home in Affleck’s neighborhood. This way, she can live close to her boyfriend without having to move in with the actor this soon.

“J. Lo has been to Ben’s place, and it’s nice, but she refuses to crash there every night. Plus, she wants a fresh start for her, and her family,” the source said.

Jennifer Lopez could eventually move in with Ben Affleck

But when the time comes that Affleck and Lopez decide to move in together, it wouldn’t be a problem for the actress’s twins. After all, Max and Emme have already met the Affleck.

The source claimed that Max knew Affleck even before they met in person because of his movie, Batman v Superman.

Throughout the past couple of weeks, all sorts of rumors have surrounded Lopez and Affleck. Some tabloids claimed that the A-listers have a secret five-year plan.

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck wants to become the world's most powerful couple 

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck wants to become the world’s most powerful couple

According to New Idea, Lopez is keen on becoming the world’s most powerful couple with Affleck. And she managed to convince her boyfriend to get on board.

But before Affleck said yes, the dad of three, allegedly, gave Jennifer Lopez on condition. And that is for the actress to allow Affleck to direct and star in a movie with her.

The actress dislikes a lot of things about Ben Affleck

National Enquirer also claimed that Lopez is trying to change everything that she dislikes about Affleck ASAP. And one of these is the actor’s huge Phoenix tattoo on his back.

On top of this, Lopez doesn’t also want Affleck to keep smoking. And she’s giving Jennifer Garner’s ex-husband an entire month to wean of.

Lopez also, allegedly, wants Affleck to become more active so that he could improve his lifestyle. This includes not eating junk foods and drinking coffee.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Jennifer Lopez has not banned Affleck from doing anything. It is important to note that the A-listers just got back together recently so it’s unlikely for them to be having all these issues already.

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