Jennifer Lopez diet: Her health journey and everything she eats

One of the most searched diets on the internet in 2019 was the Jennifer Lopez diet. A lot of fans wanted to know how J.Lo managed to maintain her sexy physique after all these years.

Besides Jennifer Lopez, his fiance, Alex Rodriguez, also joined his wife-to-be in her health journey. Together, they started a 10-day challenge, where they cut sugar and carbs from their diet for almost two weeks.

The 10-day challenge

It looks like there is nothing that Lopez can’t do, especially when it comes to her health. She’s the ultimate triple threat, but it isn’t always smooth sailing for her.

She has been keeping everyone updated on her health journey on Instagram.

“So it turns out when you don’t have sugar, and you don’t have carbs, you’re really hungry all the time,” she said, via Us Weekly. “So, we’re here trying to figure out a lot of good snacks.”

The 10-day challenge is also known as a no-carb-no-sugar diet that gets everyone’s attention when Lopez shared it on social media.

She invited millions of her followers and other celebrities to take part in the challengeSweet Defeat noted. Here, they had to eat only a small amount of carbs and cut out sugar from their daily meals.

True to Lopez’s style, she took it one step further, cutting out some fruits, condiments with sugar, alcohol, and dairy from her diet.

When she completed the challenge, she announced the news on Instagram. She then said she would do it again after a five-day break.

What food does J.Lo eat?

Besides being physically active, maintaining a healthy diet is essential to keeping a sexy and fit physique.

According to IWM Buzz, Lopez takes a shake and smoothie for breakfast. If she’ll ever take coffee, she has switched her caffeine to decaf. She also makes sure she’s hydrated.

For lunch, the Hustlers star opts to eat vegetable salad and salmon. She tries to avoid processed food and only go for organic ones.

Her protein source comes from egg whites, turkey meat, chicken breast, fish, and nuts. Whenever she craves, these are the food she eats.

Aside from nuts, Lopez eats fruits and veggies for snacks. Healthy snacks can also help to keep her away from junk cravings.

As much as possible, the fashion designer eats dinner early, around 6:30 p.m., with her kids. She usually takes a small portion of protein with added carbs and vegetables.

Although she’s on a diet, eating some dessert is of utmost importance. Sweets are her guilty pleasure.

Jennifer Lopez loves chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate chip cookies, but she has to take it in moderation.

Featured image used courtesy of Avis De Miranda/Shutterstock

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