Jennifer Lopez draws new relationship rules for Alex Rodriguez to follow: Rumor

Jennifer Lopez draws new relationship rules for Alex Rodriguez to follow: Rumor

Jennifer Lopez has, allegedly, drawn up new relationship rules for Alex Rodriguez to adhere to.

According to Life & Style, Jennifer Lopez isn’t thrilled to know that Rodriguez might have cheated on her with Madison LeCroy.

To establish trust and repair their relationship, Lopez, allegedly, came up with a long list of rules for her fiancé.

Jennifer Lopez has a long list of demands

A source told the tabloid that the World of Dance judge made it clear that if Rodriguez breaks even just one of the rules, they will break up.

One of the rules Lopez included in her list has to do with Rodriguez’s nighttime curfew when he’s with his pals.

Lopez has also, allegedly, given Rodriguez a drinking limit of just three drinks.

According to the source, Lopez is also demanding for Rodriguez to take her out to a romantic destination at least once every two months.

“Regardless of whether or not these latest rumors are true, Jennifer feels humiliated. That’s why she’s keeping him on such a tight leash,” the source said.

Alex Rodriguez tries to make it up to Jennifer Lopez 

Alex Rodriguez tries to make it up to Jennifer Lopez

The insider also claimed that Rodriguez is doing everything that he can to make it up to his fiancée.

Rodriguez has, allegedly, been showering Jennifer Lopez with expensive jewelry, flowers, and more.

The couple’s alleged screaming match

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time that Rodriguez has been accused of cheating on Lopez with LeCroy.

Star also alleged that Lopez screamed at Rodriguez after learning about what he’s done.

“When she heard about Madison, she lost it. She was screaming at Alex. It’s humiliating for Jennifer to hear these rumors about Alex and Madison,” the source said.

But despite the cheating allegation, Lopez is still, allegedly, with Rodriguez for her own image and reputation.

“She’s obsessive image-conscious and knows that staying with Alex makes their combined brand more valuable. They may have pulled out of the Mets bidding war, but they’re looking at other teams to purchase that’ll make them even richer. Jennifer has grown comfortable with the cushy lifestyle they have. She’s not going to let anyone else dictate her love life,” the source said.

However, the claims made by the tabloid about Jennifer Lopez and Rodriguez aren’t true. The latter has been adamant at saying that he didn’t cheat on his fiancée.

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