Jennifer Lopez fuming after learning Alex Rodriguez cheated on her twice: Rumor

Jennifer Lopez fuming after learning Alex Rodriguez cheated on her twice: Rumor

Jennifer Lopez is, allegedly, fuming at her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez after learning that he cheated on her.

Just recently, two Southern Charm cast members claimed that Madison Le Croy had a fling with Rodriguez, the fiance of Jennifer Lopez.

Did Alex Rodriguez cheat on Jennifer Lopez?

Initially, the cast members refused to name names. But Craig Conover insisted that Le Croy flew to Miami to have an intimate moment with the former MLB player.

During an interview on the Life With Kate Casey podcast, Danni Bird echoed Conover’s claims. Bird alleged that Le Croy bragged about FaceTiming Rodriguez.

However, Le Croy has since denied the claims of the two Southern Charm co-stars. But even if this was the case, the tabloid still insisted that something happened between the reality TV star and Rodriguez.

Jennifer Lopez upset with Alex Rodriguez 

Jennifer Lopez upset with Alex Rodriguez

With this, Star claimed that Lopez is furious with Rodriguez for cheating on her. And since this isn’t the first time that Rodriguez has been accused of cheating, Lopez couldn’t allegedly believe what her fiancé has done.

A source told the tabloid that Rodriguez insists that he’s innocent. But it’s up to Lopez if she would trust and believe him.

Alex Rodriguez makes it up to JLo

After the cheating rumors broke out, Rodriguez seemingly made it up to Jennifer Lopez by posting a sweet video of them on Instagram.

The adorable video was shared by Rodriguez on Instagram on Valentine’s Day. And the clip features Grover Washington Jr.’s song, “Just the Two of Us.”

Rodriguez also penned a touching caption for his fiancée.

“Thank you for taking me into your heart, and on the journey of a lifetime. Words can’t do justice to how you make me feel, and what you have meant to my life. Today we celebrate each other. ‘Just the two of us.’ But what I love most is that together, we have truly become one. Happy [Valentines Day], [Jennifer Lopez]! I love you. Today and forever,” he wrote.

Lopez, on the other hand, also posted a sweet tribute to Rodriguez on Valentine’s Day.

“February is our special month… Our anniversary month… We met again for the first time on February 1st… The first time we went out was two days later and since then there hasn’t been a day we haven’t been together or spoken… You keep me laughing… I love your wickedly funny sense of humor… and how you always try to make every room you enter a more joyful one… I love you and all you do for me and with me… You are my funny valentine,” Jennifer Lopez wrote.

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