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Jennifer Lopez going through a midlife crisis, trying hard to look young: Rumor


Jennifer Lopez recently sparked rumors that she’s going through a midlife crisis.

New Idea recently discussed one of Lopez’s photos on Instagram, where the singer is sporting pigtails. They claimed that the hairstyle made Jennifer Lopez look too young and assumed that she’s going through a midlife crisis.

Jennifer Lopez trying hard to look young

The tabloid claimed that Lopez may have gone too far in her efforts to turn back the clock. Some people also commented on Lopez’s appearance by saying that she looks like a teenager in the photo.

However, Gossip Cop immediately countered the comments by sharing their take on Lopez. The rumor-debunking site said that this is another case of celebrities or a certain age – particularly women – being unfairly singled out for the way they dress and style their hair.

Jennifer Lopez not having a midlife crisis

Even though Lopez is already in her 50s, this should never stop her from sporting pigtails. And wearing her hair in such a way shouldn’t result in her being accused of having a midlife crisis.

“If Lopez chooses to spend her time playing with her hair then uploading the admittedly gorgeous results online, who are we to judge her? Or suggest that it’s the symptom of a midlife crisis? Obviously, the ongoing pandemic means a slow-down of celebrity news, but this story is scraping the bottom of the barrel and it shows. What an undeniably false story,” the publication said.

Alex Rodriguez adopting two babies with his fiancee

Gossip Cop also busted the tabloid for all the times that they published questionable claims about Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. The tabloid previously claimed that the couple was planning to adopt two babies.

A source told the tabloid that Lopez and Rodriguez couldn’t agree on whether they should adopt a boy or a girl so they decided to just adopt both.

The rumor-debunking site said that they reached out to Lopez’s rep and was told that the story was false and absurd. Lopez already has two children, and Rodriguez also has two kids.

And since the couple has a blended family, this means that Lopez and Rodriguez have four kids together. By the looks of it, having four children is already a handful. So, it’s unlikely for the couple to want to add more.

Other tabloids have also been claiming that Lopez and Rodriguez won’t push through simply because they have postponed it. But Jennifer Lopez has made it clear that the wedding was postponed due to COVID-19, not because they’re feuding.

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