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Jennifer Lopez grossed out by Alex Rodriguez’s binge eating, weight gain: Rumor


Jennifer Lopez has, allegedly, been trying to force Alex Rodriguez to hit the gym.

After all, the World of Dance judge, allegedly, noticed how much weight her fiancé has gained in recent months. However, Jennifer Lopez isn’t, allegedly, getting through Rodriguez.

Jennifer Lopez wants Alex Rodriguez to do something about his weight gain

According to National Enquirer, Lopez is grossed out by Rodriguez’s binge eating. And the singer has, allegedly, caught the professional athlete pigging out on carbs and eating late at night. To make things worse, Rodriguez hasn’t, allegedly, hit the gym in months.

“Jennifer’s grossed out, saying this reflects badly on her. She’s tried cracking the whip and ordering Alex to get his act together, but he’s not used to taking orders from any woman, and their love life is really suffering right now because she can’t stand his stubborn attitude,” the source said.

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez bickering nonstop

The insider also claimed that Lopez and Rodriguez have been having nonstop fights during the lockdown. As such, the people close to them are, allegedly, convinced that their relationship is just hanging by a thread.

“Alex is sick of marching to the beat of Jen’s drum, and this binge-eating is his passive-aggressive way of fighting back. If they don’t work things out soon, he might just eat his way out of the relationship,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Last month, Jennifer Lopez shared a family photo with Rodriguez and their respective kids. And it doesn’t seem as though the baseballer packed on some pounds.

On his Instagram account, Rodriguez has also been sharing several photos of himself. And he looks fit and handsome as he’s always been.

The tabloid’s claims that Lopez and Rodriguez have been bickering nonstop while in quarantine aren’t true either. This has been a common storyline from the tabloid to convince their readers that Lopez and Rodriguez are splitting soon.

But the couple has proven time and again that they are here for the long haul. In fact, Lopez previously said that she’s not rushing to get married to Rodriguez. After all, they’re both aware that they have the rest of their lives to spend with each other. As such, rushing just doesn’t make sense.

However, Jennifer Lopez and Rodriguez would’ve already tied the knot if not for COVID-19.

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