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Jennifer Lopez, Kirsten Dunst ‘stingiest’ stars in Hollywood, always asking freebies: Rumor


Jennifer Lopez and Kirsten Dunst have, allegedly, been exposed as two of the stingiest stars in Hollywood.

Even though they are both worth millions, Jennifer Lopez and Dunst, allegedly, ask for freebies everywhere they go. The A-listers are accused of using their celebrity status also to gain access to free services.

Jennifer Lopez doesn’t pay for salon services?

According to New Idea, salons across Los Angeles gave Lopez the nickname “pay-lo.” After all, she, allegedly, goes to some of the most expensive salons for all sorts of treatments, but she refuses to pay for the services.

“In her mind, her presence is enough payment. She doesn’t even tip – she just walks out,” the source said.

Does Kirsten Dunst refuse to tip after eating free meals?

Dunst, on the other hand, allegedly, expects free dinners from some of the most expensive restaurants in Los Angeles.

The tabloid claimed that there’s an unspoken agreement between restaurant owners and celebrities, where the owners give the celebs free food in exchange for publicity.

However, there is also an expectation that those who receive free dinners would at least leave a generous tip for their server.

The source claimed that Dunst has a reputation for accepting free dinners and then dashing without giving her server a single cent.

More celebrities accused of being stingy

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jeremy Piven, and Joaquin Phoenix have also been accused of being stingy.

The tabloid claimed that Gellar once used coupons at the grocery to shave off just a few cents from her bill. This, allegedly, made her stingy because she’s worth $28 million.

Piven was, allegedly, banned from a restaurant after he refused to leave the customary 20 percent tip. Instead, the actor left a DVD copy of one of his movies.

Phoenix’s former girlfriend, allegedly, said that the actor made her pay for their valet parking that cost around $15 plus tip per park.

Jennifer Lopez donations

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt.

Dunst, Jennifer Lopez, and the other celebrities shouldn’t be called stingy. After all, they have several causes on their plate.

Dunst previously helped design “generous sweaters” for Sonia Rykiel. The proceeds from the sales went straight to the designer’s charity of choice.

Lopez, on the other hand, donated year’s worth of food to Tennessee elementary school students with the help of her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez.

Jennifer Lopez also donated $1 million for the victims of a deadly hurricane in Puerto Rico in 2017.

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