Jennifer Lopez orders Alex Rodriguez to go to therapy amid cheating scandal: Rumor

Jennifer Lopez orders Alex Rodriguez to go to therapy amid cheating scandal: Rumor

Jennifer Lopez, allegedly, gave Alex Rodriguez a slew of rules if he wants to fix their relationship.

According to OK! magazine, Jennifer Lopez is sick and tired of feeling humiliated because of Rodriguez. Now, she’s, allegedly, putting her foot down to make sure that the cheating scandals won’t happen again.

“Jennifer is done burying her head in the sand. Things will have to change if Alex wants them to have a future together,” the source said.

Jennifer Lopez doesn’t completely trust Alex Rodriguez

The insider also claimed that even though Rodriguez denied ever cheating on Lopez, the latter still saw the rumors as the ultimate betrayal. After all, if there’s smoke there’s fire.

“She saw it as a betrayal and told Alex to get packing,” the source said.

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez fixing their issues 

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez fixing their issues

But after the World of Dance judge cooled down, Rodriguez was able to talk to her. Lopez eventually agreed to fix their relationship.

“They decided to try to work through their issues. But there are some conditions. She’s ordered Alex to get therapy and said no more scandals or they’re finished,” the source said.

According to the source, Lopez also told Rodriguez that their wedding won’t push through anytime soon. In fact, it might not happen ever.

“The wedding is off, but if Alex can show that he’s committed to this relationship, Jennifer will reconsider. No one sees it lasting because a tiger can’t change his stripes. But in the end, no one tells Jennifer what to do,” the source said.

The couple is still together

Despite all the rumors surrounding Jennifer Lopez and Rodriguez’s relationship, the couple is still together. And there is no proof that the singer-actress gave her boyfriend a slew of rules to adhere to.

Just this week, Rodriguez and Lopez even showed their united front when they revealed that they are the new endorsers of Goli Nutrition.

On his social media account, the former baseball player shared a loved-up photo with Lopez while holding bottles of Goli gummies.

“Jennifer and I are very excited to announce that we’ve joined forces with Goli Nutrition. They’ve revolutionized the health and wellness industry with their innovative, delicious and nutritious gummies!” he captioned the photo.

Jennifer Lopez liked Rodriguez’s photo on social media.

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