Jennifer Lopez plotted revenge against Tom Cruise for blocking her Oscar chances: Rumor

Jennifer Lopez has been at the center of some of the most absurd rumors in recent years.

Gossip Cop revisited some of the allegations surrounding Jennifer Lopez. And most of them are shocking.

Jennifer Lopez, Tom Cruise’s alleged feud

In March, Now to Love claimed that Lopez was plotting an act of revenge against Tom Cruise. The latter, allegedly, launched a campaign to ban Lopez from receiving an Oscar.

And when Lopez found out about Cruise’s bold move, she started plotting her revenge against the Mission: Impossible actor.

“Whatever he did, it worked. It was the biggest snub of the year – it just didn’t make sense. But now we know why. The rumors are all over town that Tom was behind it and Jen’s absolutely seething,” a source said.

While at the Oscars earlier this year, Cruise, allegedly, gave Lopez a cold shoulder. As such, when he walked into the room, Lopez decided to walk out.

“She wasn’t going to take it – and she also didn’t want a run-in with him after that awkward scene at his wedding to Katie Holmes,” the source said.

Leah Remini is close to Jennifer Lopez

Leah Remini is close to Jennifer Lopez

It is unclear how Lopez and Cruise’s alleged feud started. But the tabloid mentioned Leah Remini, who is close to Jennifer Lopez.

Remini used to be a member of Scientology like Cruise. But after she quit the religion, she started exposing the dirt on the actor and Scientology.

JLo lying about her Spanish skills?

Other than Lopez and Cruise’s alleged feud, the former was also rumored to be lying about her Spanish skills. In Touch Weekly claimed that Lopez could speak Spanish because she’s taking lessons.

However, Gossip Cop pointed out that Lopez is Puerto Rican. As such, one of her first languages was Spanish. And she’s fluent in the language.

JLo’s expensive beauty regimen and workouts

Last year, Life & Style speculated on Lopez’s beauty regimen. The tabloid claimed that the actress spends $15,000 per day to look her best.

Lopez, allegedly, spends $5,000 for her hairstylist and another $5,000 for her trainer, massage therapist, and more. According to Gossip Cop, the idea that Lopez spends thousands to look good makes her seem vain when she isn’t.

Woman’s Day also claimed that the mom of two is on steroids. And this was, allegedly, the reason why her biceps are so toned. However, Jennifer Lopez simply works out regularly. And she also watches what she eats.

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