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Jennifer Lopez postponed Alex Rodriguez wedding because of Marc Anthony: Rumor


Jennifer Lopez didn’t, allegedly, postpone her wedding to Alex Rodriguez because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Rather, Jennifer Lopez decided to postpone her nuptials to take her ex-husband Marc Anthony’s feelings into consideration.

According to New Idea, Anthony wasn’t thrilled to know that Lopez and Rodriguez are planning to tie the knot.

Marc Anthony begged Jennifer Lopez to not push through with her wedding

In fact, Anthony, allegedly, planned an intervention to prevent his ex-wife from marrying Rodriguez.

“He can’t stand Alex. He doesn’t think Alex has the capacity to be faithful,” the source said.

Marc Anthony reacts to Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez engagement

However, there’s no proof that Anthony is preventing Lopez from marrying Rodriguez.

And it’s also not true that Anthony never liked the former athlete.

Last year, Us Weekly revealed that Anthony is invited to Lopez and Rodriguez’s wedding.

“Marc Anthony will be at J. Lo and A-Rod’s wedding. The former couple has always sustained a healthy and respectful relationship following their split in 2011,” the source said.

Following Jennifer Lopez and Rodriguez’s engagement, Anthony reacted to the news by saying that he’s happy for the couple.

He also joked about wanting to score an invite to the wedding, and he did.

Alex Rodriguez accused of cheating, lying

Meanwhile, it is true that Rodriguez was accused of cheating and lying by his former brother-in-law, Constantine Scurtis.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Rodriguez is being sued by his former brother-in-law.

“After cheating on his wife, and lying about his affairs, Alex Rodriguez then lied and cheated his brother-in-law in their real estate partnership,” the source said.

In the court documents filed by Scurtis’ lawyers, they accused the former Yankees player of being a serial cheater and liar.

“This case arises out of (Rodriguez’s) breaches of fiduciary duty, breaches of contract, and illegal and fraudulent pattern of criminal activity. Through their racketeering, Rodriguez and his co-conspirators have caused Scurtis many millions of dollars in damages,” the court document read.

As of late, Jennifer Lopez hasn’t commented on Rodriguez’s recent controversy. And it’s also unclear when the couple’s wedding will push through.

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