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Jennifer Lopez screamed at Alex Rodriguez after learning about his affair: Rumor


Jennifer Lopez, allegedly, screamed at Alex Rodriguez after learning that he had an affair with Madison LeCroy.

According to Star, Jennifer Lopez was furious after LeCroy admitted that Rodriguez DMed her.

Even though LeCroy denied ever having any physical contact with Rodriguez, Lopez still, allegedly, became furious with him.

“When she heard about Madison, she lost it. She was screaming at Alex. It’s humiliating for Jennifer to hear these rumors about Alex and Madison,” the source said.

Alex Rodriguez cheated on Jennifer Lopez multiple times

The tabloid alleged that this isn’t the first time that Rodriguez cheated on Lopez. So, the World of Dance, allegedly, feels that it’s a slap on the face and the ultimate betrayal.

Several other individuals have come forward to accuse Rodriguez of cheating on Lopez. However, the former Yankee has denied all the allegations.

Jennifer Lopez standing by Alex Rodriguez

According to the tabloid, even though Lopez is frustrated with her fiancé, she has no other choice but to stick with him.

“She’s obsessive image-conscious and knows that staying with Alex makes their combined brand more valuable. They may have pulled out of the Mets bidding war, but they’re looking at other teams to purchase that’ll make them even richer. Jennifer has grown comfortable with the cushy lifestyle they have. She’s not going to let anyone else dictate her love life,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Jennifer Lopez hasn’t reacted to the rumors that Rodriguez cheated on her.

The couple professes their love for each other

In fact, after the scandal broke out last week, Lopez and Rodriguez shared adorable videos from their Valentine’s Day celebration via Instagram.

The couple’s post shows just how much love they love each other. And they also remain unfazed by the cheating rumors.

“Thank you for taking me into your heart, and on the journey of a lifetime. Words can’t do justice to how you make me feel, and what you have meant to my life. Today we celebrate each other. ‘Just the two of us’ But what I love most is that together, we have truly become one. Happy #ValentinesDay, @jlo! I love you. Today and forever,” Rodriguez captioned his post.

Jennifer Lopez replied by affirming that it’s just the two of them. She also professed her love for Rodriguez.

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