Jennifer Lopez shock: Alex Rodriguez’s fiancée allegedly adopted a baby


Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, allegedly, adopted a baby from Puerto Rico.

Last year, Now to Love claimed that the World of Dance judge was eager to have a baby with her fiancé. But since she’s already in her 50s, Jennifer Lopez knows that IVF could be a struggle for her. 

In order to turn her dreams into reality, Lopez decided to adopt a baby instead.

“She feels like they’re in a position to help a child in need and wants to adopt from Puerto Rico, where she has a family,” a source said.

The insider also said that Rodriguez immediately agreed to adopt a baby with Lopez. After all, he wants a baby of their own to help bring two families together.

According to the source, the newest addition to the couple’s family would also encourage Lopez’s twins, Max and Emme to bond.

Jennifer Lopez shares her thoughts on having more kids

During an interview with People, Lopez shared her thoughts about expanding her family.

“I want to! I don’t know that it’s in God’s plan but I would like to try. I’m so open to it!” she said.

Jennifer Lopez also revealed how having her twins changed her life. She said that Max and Emme gave her life a different direction.

“I was being careless with myself and my heart. The kids kind of snapped me right out of it because I felt so much responsibility and love for them. Love first and responsibility second. I had to be better,” she said.

The claims made by the tabloid are untrue even though Lopez wants to have more children. Lopez and Rodriguez did not adopt a baby from Puerto Rico.

Jennifer Lopez’s thoughts on IVF

The Shades of Blue star will unlikely consider IVF this late in her life since she spoke against it 10 years ago.

During her interview with Elle, Lopez said that she never considered the procedure because she’s quite traditional. Lopez also said that since she believes in God and has a lot of faith, she doesn’t want to mess with things like that.

The actress also said that deep down, she felt that it’s either she would get pregnant if it’s really for her or not.

Jennifer Lopez gave birth to Max and Emme at the age of 38. She shares the twins with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony.

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