Jennifer Lopez split from Alex Rodriguez after realizing he’s using her: Rumor


The real reason why Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez split has, allegedly, been revealed.

According to OK! magazine, Jennifer Lopez decided to call it quits with Rodriguez after realizing that he’s just using her.

Since the couple’s relationship was confirmed in the news, Rodriguez’s name started showing up everywhere. He was even cast in Shark Tank, and the tabloid’s source claimed that this all because of Lopez.

“As soon as Alex confirmed he was dating Jen, it was as if he was everywhere,” the source said.

Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez fell out of love with each other

Throughout the latter part of their relationship, the sparks between Lopez and Rodriguez, allegedly, started fading. But the latter still clang on to the relationship because of the benefits that he was getting.

“The spark was fading, and it seemed like Alex was more into the showbiz side of things than their romantic connection. It was like he was always more interested in how they were perceived as a couple instead of putting in the work,” the source said.

Alex Rodriguez cheated on Jennifer Lopez

But according to reports, Lopez decided to end her relationship with Rodriguez after he cheating on her with Madison LeCroy. Although Rodriguez is remorseful for what he has done, he, allegedly, believes that things were blown out of proportion.

“Alex feels bad about communicating with her but hates how the whole situation snowballed. He thinks the reports were exaggerated and is still reeling over how it played out in the headlines. There were times Alex was aloof and she’d catch him checking out other girls. But this Madison situation really pushed her over the edge,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Much has already been said about Jennifer Lopez and Rodriguez’s failed relationship. But it is still unclear what really caused their split.

After all, Lopez and Rodriguez have stayed mum about the whole situation.

Last month, Jennifer Lopez and Rodriguez released a statement saying that they are committed to being friends and business partners. And their statement proved that there’s really no bad blood between the A-listers.

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