Jennifer Lopez suffers from disturbances after fake 911 calls barged


Jennifer Lopez currently faces a headache as her Los Angeles home keeps on being a target of fake 911 calls.

This week, a Los Angeles Police Department’s spokesperson revealed that Jennifer Lopez has been a prank victim. They alleged that the fake 911 calls root from her performance at Joe Biden’s inauguration in January.

LAPD also confirmed in a statement that the emergency hotline receives calls for service about the home in 1400 block of Stone Canyon Rd. The street is where Lopez owns a home.

As early as January, pranksters began creating a slew of calls. This caused the law enforcement sources to think that Lopez’s performance during Inauguration Day hit people’s nerves.

The same report revealed that multiple officers responded to calls complaining over loud music and other noises from the home. However, whenever police arrive on the scene, nothing seems to be wrong.

Even Lopez’s security remained unaware of the disturbances.

As of the writing, the LAPD already launched a thorough investigation to determine the culprit of the fake phone calls. However, they found out that the calls are not being placed from a landline, making it hard to be tracked down.

What JLo did during the inauguration

In January, Lopez joined the list of performers for US President Joe Biden’s inauguration. However, Lopez stood out for the wrong reasons for having a song lyric with colonial past.

The actress sang This Land is Your Land and America The Beautiful during her number. She also spoke Spanish before continuing her performance with Let’s Get Loud.

However, the lyrics of This Land Is Your Land that goes “This land is your land, This land is my land […] This land was made for you and me” stirred criticisms.

Some native Americans in the U.S. expressed how much they dislike the song since it tells the country’s colonial times. Some even referred to it as a song that celebrates indigenous genocide and stolen land.

Prior to the January event, Mali Obomsawim, a Native American from the Abenaki tribe, said that the song erases indigenous identities.

“In the context of America, a nation-state built by settler colonialism, [the anthem] exemplifies the particular blind spot that Americans have in regard to Natives: American patriotism erases us, even if it comes in the form of a leftist protest song,” she wrote for Folklife (via NPR).

She explained that Native Americans actually owned the land. However, through genocide, legal system, and colonial interest, their land eventually became “American Land.”

Featured image courtesy of dvsross, CC BY 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

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