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Jennifer Lopez turned to Ben Affleck amid Alex Rodriguez relationship struggles: Rumor


Jennifer Lopez is leaning on Ben Affleck as she and Alex Rodriguez face a ton of problems in their relationship.

According to OK! magazine, Jennifer Lopez didn’t lose touch with Affleck even after their split. However, it was only recently that they started talking frequently again because Lopez and Rodriguez’s relationship is on the rocks.

“Ben and Jen have been talking in private a lot over the past few months, and now the world knows just how close the two of them are again. When things started to get worse with Alex Rodriguez, Jen turned to Ben for advice,” a source said.

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck getting back together

The insider also said that there’s a possibility for Lopez and Affleck to get back together if the singer breaks up with Rodriguez.

“She is the rebound girl when it comes to love. After she broke up with Ben, Jen went running back to the arms of Marc Anthony. If she breaks up with Alex, it makes sense she will go running back to Ben,” the source said.

Jennifer Lopez seeks comfort from her exes

The insider added that the friends of Lopez and Affleck won’t also be surprised if the exes get back together. After all, the World of Dance judge has a tendency to seek comfort from other people when she’s hurt or heartbroken.

And since Affleck is single at the moment, he’s the one, allegedly, providing Lopez with the comfort that she needs.

“He is like a comfortable pair of old jeans that you can’t throw away,” the source said.

The actress called off her engagements

Jennifer Lopez and Affleck dated shortly after they cast in Gigli. They got engaged in 2002, but they called off their wedding four days before the big day in 2004.

Just recently, a similar thing happened to Lopez. A rep for the actress announced that her wedding to Rodriguez will no longer push through.

It is unclear why the couple decided to not push through with their wedding. After all, they are still together. But there are rumors that the decision might have something to do with Rodriguez’s cheating scandal.

The former athlete has since denied that he cheated on Jennifer Lopez.

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