Jerami Grant impresses CJ McCollum in WCF performance

Jerami Grant impresses CJ McCollum in WCF performance

Jerami Grant impressed CJ McCollum in his Western Conference Finals performance, which prompted the last for possible tampering.

The NBA Finals duel is set between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat. The Lakers beat the Denver Nuggets in a hard-fought 4-1 series. Lebron James was challenged night in and night out to compete at the highest level. He didn’t celebrate happily with his team. “Job is not done,” he said.

Instead of rejoicing, he sat down on the floor while keeping his focused facial expression intact. His game during the series wasn’t easy. That is largely due to the defense locked in by Jerami Grant. Because of his defensive skills, Grant has reportedly caught the eyes of several teams in the league.

Jerami Grant impresses CJ McCollum

Jerami Grant is a Portland-born baby. He was originally drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers but was eventually traded to the Thunder after just playing for two years with the Sixers. His M.O. has always been to be the team’s three-and-D guy. He locks down the opposing team’s main scoring option while contributing quality shots on the offense.

He did pretty much the same thing in his run with the Nuggets this postseason. His resume boasts guarding Kawhi Leonard and Lebron James. Despite not having many counting stats, his tenacity on the defensive end contributed greatly to the surprising series comeback wins of the Nuggets.

His prowess didn’t go unnoticed. It even prompted CJ McCollum of the Trailblazers to comment about Grant’s future. One Tweet said that Grant looked like he was auditioning for the Lakers. McCollum then simply commented, “free agent.”

It then started a flurry of comments about Grant’s future. Naturally, Portland Trailblazers fans were quick to chide McCollum of tampering, but they still want to bring Grant to the team.

The Nuggets will fight hard to keep Grant

Grant is expected to opt-out of his player contract this offseason to find greener pastures elsewhere. The Nuggets will have a busy offseason to keep its team intact, but it reportedly has all the intentions of giving Grant what he deserves. Head coach Mike Malone said,

“I think we have something special brewing. And I think most importantly, I think people around this country, around the world, who were watching the playoffs, this group of guys, you would be hard pressed to find a better story coming out of this bubble. A bunch of young kids faced elimination, looked it in the face and just kept on surviving and advancing.”

Malone is referring to the historic Playoffs run of the Denver Nuggets. They overcame two series where they were down 3-1. Sadly, the Lakers were too much for them to add to their superb run.

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