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‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’: Was Vinny upset with Angelina’s wedding?


Jersey Shore: Family Vacation season 3, episode 28, showed Angelina finally walking down the aisle. But like any other reality TV series, it is not without drama.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation just aired its episode 28 on Thursday, and some of the fans are shocked by how it unfolded.

The recently aired episode showed Vinny Guadagnino and Angelina Pivarnick still flirting even though the latter was hours away from walking down the aisle.

It’s undeniable that the two shared a very special bond and Angelina seemed to show it all even though she was set to marry Chris Larangeira.

The flirting

As soon as Angeline saw Vinny, she quickly told him that this is how a real woman looks like. She also made Vinny smell the flowers she was holding, and then, later on, said that it could have been him she was marrying.

He told Angelina to stop flirting with him on her wedding day. But she seemed to enjoy the moment.

The whole episode made it look like Vinny was upset with Angelina marrying someone else. After all, he mentioned in the camera “looking at Angelina and that could have been me. ”

It convinced the viewers that Vinny was sad. But according to reports, Vinny confessed it was not true.

The way that it was depicted was different from the real things that happened while they filmed the episode.

The truth

Vinny said that the episode failed to show what happened next after he said, “looking at Angelina and that could have been me. ”

“After I said “looking at Angelina and that could have been me,” they didn’t show the second part of me vomiting after thinking about it,” he wrote.

The episode even showed some clips of all the times Vinny and Angelina shared sweet moments in the past.

“There are more romantic moments with me and Angelina in this wedding than with her and her husband #jsfamilyvacation,” Vinny said.

No one expected the two to hook up after starting their relationship with fights and hate.  And the first time they kissed, everyone was shocked.

But they spent a lot of time with each other that they eventually developed a friendship no one imagined. Their romantic era is over as Angelina finally found someone.

She has been engaged three times already, and while many predicted another failure, her engagement with Chris struck through.

And now, she’s finally married, and it was the happy ending that Angelina had wanted.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs on Thursdays at 8 pm ET on MTV.

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