Jessica Biel keeps Justin Timberlake on a tight leash, gives him a list of chores: Rumor

Jessica Biel keeps Justin Timberlake on a tight leash, gives him a list of chores: Rumor

Jessica Biel is still, allegedly, making Justin Timberlake pay for the humiliation that he caused her months ago.

According to OK! magazine, Jessica Biel is keeping her husband on a tight leash. The Seventh Heaven star has also given Timberlake a long list of things to do so that he could make it up to her.

“Justin’s on the tightest leash possible! Jess has given him a list of chores that so long and in-depth it’s not even funny. He has to do all the housework, the shopping, and the heavy-duty stuff like building and repair work on their ranch. Plus, Jess got him organizing her calendar and looking after their 5-year-old son, Silas while she tends to the baby,” the source said.

Justin Timberlake exhausted with Jessica Biel's demands 

Justin Timberlake exhausted with Jessica Biel’s demands

The insider claimed that Timberlake is exhausted, and he’s also, allegedly, feeling all the pressure. But he knows that he needs to get on his wife’s good side because of what he did.

Timberlake was previously photographed holding hands with his female friend. Immediately after, tabloids accused the NSYNC member of cheating on his wife. However, Timberlake made it clear in his public apology to Biel that no such thing happened.

Jessica Biel thinks Justin Timberlake needs to work hard

According to the source, Jessica Biel has also forgiven her husband. Still, the actress, allegedly, thinks that a little hard work will be good for Timberlake.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It is unlikely for Biel to be giving Timberlake all their household chores because they most likely have a staff that helps them out.

Jessica Biel flirting with other men to hurt her husband

Rumors about Biel and Timberlake have been rife for months. In January, National Enquirer claimed that Biel got her revenge on Timberlake by flirting with other men.

“Jessica’s not going to let Justin off that easy. She found out that some healthy flirting with other men goes a long way to getting him to toe the line,” the source said.

A-listers allegedly quitting Hollywood

Two years ago, OK! magazine claimed that Biel and Timberlake were quitting Hollywood because they don’t want to raise their kids in the spotlight.

“There are whispers that Justin recently purchased a $2.2 million farmhouse about 15 minutes from Leiper’s Fork. It’s been kept very quiet and nobody knows where they’re planning to move in, but Justin and Jessica have been seen nearby and workers are currently clearing out the property. The home needs a lot of work, but it’s a great purchase and a wonderful place to live,” the source said.

Two years later, Jessica Biel and Timberlake are still in Hollywood.

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