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Jessica Biel refuses to let Justin Timberlake out of her sight amid cheating fears: Rumor


Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are, allegedly, experiencing another blow in their relationship.

Months after the couple survived Timberlake’s alleged cheating, the singer and Jessica Biel, allegedly, feel bored around each other.

Justin Timberlake bored with Jessica Biel

According to OK! magazine, Biel refuses to let her husband out of her sight amid fears that Timberlake would do what he did with co-star Alisa Wainwright. However, Timberlake wants nothing more than to get out of the house and record new music.

“Justin is bored as hell and wants to start recording, but she’s having none of it. Everyone knows she’s afraid Justin will go back to his old habits,” the source said.

Justin Timberlake accused of cheating on his wife

Last November, Timberlake was photographed holding hands with Wainwright during their night out. Eagle-eyed netizens immediately accused the actor of cheating on Biel.

Timberlake issued a public apology shortly after the sighting. But he made it clear that nothing happened between him and the actress.

Jessica Biel makes her husband feel claustrophobic

Almost a year later, the singer has, allegedly, started to feel claustrophobic around his wife and two kids. After all, they have been spending every single day together.

Justin is feeling claustrophobic and untrusted, but given his past behavior, you can’t blame Jessica,” the source said.

Justin Timberlake wants to leave the house

Another insider told Star that Timberlake has been trying to assure Jessica Biel that if he would leave home, it would solely be for work. However, the 7th Heaven star doesn’t, allegedly, feel comfortable with letting her husband out of her sight.

“She doesn’t trust his friends, either. Jessica feels their family is more important than a paycheck. But Justin is bored as hell and eager to get back to work,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloids’ claims with a grain of salt. If Biel is refusing to let Timberlake out of her sight then he shouldn’t have shared a clip of himself with Timbaland.

On his Instagram account, Timberlake shared a video with Timbaland, which proves that he was able to leave his house.

Rumors about Timberlake and Biel struggling in their marriage have been rife since the singer’s photos with Wainwright made headlines. However, the couple has also proven time and again that their relationship is stronger than the rumors.

Last month, Biel also shared an adorable photo of herself with her husband. The photo shows Jessica Biel resting her head on Timberlake’s shoulder while they’re holding each other’s hand. The photo proves that all is well with the couple.

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