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Jessie Cave: ‘Harry Potter’ star revealed she was abused at 14


Jessie Cave has bravely stepped forward and revealed her secret. She was taken advantage of when she was a teen.

Jessie Cave shared that her tennis coach took advantage of her when she was 14. She was physically assaulted, and she narrated about her ordeal in the pilot episode of her podcast called We Can’t Talk About That Right Now.

The Harry Potter star tells her story to the world

The actress is now 33 years old, and she is currently pregnant. Her name became well-known after starring in Harry Potter as Ron Weasly’s love interest Lavender Brown.

In the podcast, she and her sister Bebe Cave have discussed many topics about their experiences from adolescence until they became adults.

At one point, they talked about who had it worse in their teen years, and Jessie Cave said that she was violated.

When Bebe heard this, she said, “That’s kind of a trump card” and her older sister agreed by saying she does pull it out a lot.

“I think the violation at 14 is pretty bad,” Jessie said. “By your tennis coach, who you trusted, a position of power. I was fit and I was very able with a tennis ball. But I was still taken advantage of, and he was sent to jail.”

What Jessie thinks of her experience

Jessie Cave said that because she was abused, her teen years and early 20s are very different from Bebe. She said it was completely different since she had to go through that at an early age.

“In retrospect, I was still recovering and my journey was a completely abnormal road to yours,” she said. “There are still consequences from that period of time that I’m only realizing 18 years later.”

Jessie stressed the abuse didn’t destroy her

Jessie Cave shared that if there is something that’s even positive from her experience, it’s the fact it didn’t destroy her.

She explained more about this through social media and assured everyone she is okay.

“The thing I need to say is – I am not a victim and was not defined by what happened as a girl,” Jessie wrote on Instagram. “I am okay and I can talk about it, even laugh about it, carry it with me and use it.”

She further stated she is comfortable about sharing her story. She can even bring it up casually, “without trigger warnings because I forget and don’t really understand them as it’s just a part of me and has been for over half of my life.”

Jessie Cave’s background

The actress and comedian is athletic but had to retire early because of injury. She was a swimmer who competed at a county-level, and she also played tennis at a national level.

As per Page Six, she was cast in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince through an open casting call in 2007. She was given the role of Lavender Brown after beating 7,000 young girls in the audition.

Finally, after Harry Potter, Jessie Cave starred in West End productions and performs in comedy shows across London. She is in a relationship with comedian Alfie Brown, and they are expecting their third child together.

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