Jo Byung Kyu’s agency disproves claims of bullying, accuser apologized

As previously circulating on the internet, some netizens claim that the Uncanny Counter lead star, Jo Byung Kyu, was a school bully. But the actor’s fans came to the rescue and defended their idol, saying, “There is no enough evidence for the claims.”

A post with the title, “Victim of Jo Byung Kyu’s school bullying,” was created on February 16 on an online community Nate Pann. The netizen who identified himself as a victim shared that he went to New Zealand at 16 to study English. He retells his past, saying that he went to school quietly for about a week. And a new kid showed up one day, and that kid was Jo Byung Kyu.

The alleged bullying story

The netizen went on revealing that Jo Byung Kyu began talking to him as he was leaving class. The actor way back then was wearing tight pants with dyed hair and was talking to him like he was picking a fight. “So I didn’t like him much, so I didn’t say anything and left. I think he didn’t like that,” he shared.

The netizen’s post further revealed that he was eating alone that day because his schedule got messed up. However, two Korean kids with terrible impressions asked him to follow them. He expressed, “So I thought ‘what the?’ but I started to follow them. Then about 30 kids surrounded me and began cursing at me.”

He explained further that he got so mad, so he reported to the Korean international student management office and talked to the manager there. The netizen revealed that his parents knew about this incident and the lady at my homestay knew as well.

He called Jo Byung Kyu out separately and talked to him. But he spoke rudely to the manager too. The manager warned him that if he does the same thing again, they will take action according to the school rules. 

The netizen concluded his post by writing that Jo Byung Kyu didn’t use violence and he was just using verbal abuse. “All I want him to do is admit he was a school bully and apologize,” he ended.

Jo Byung Gyu’s agency denies rumors

Later on February 17, Byeong Gyu’s agency has shared that the person who posted on February 16 to accuse the actor of school violence has now apologized and deleted their post.

The agency stated that the writer of the false post contacted our company. They filed a criminal complaint seeking punishment for illegal acts regarding their actor and requested an investigation this morning (February 17).

It went on that the writer of the false post turned themselves in and admitted that the post they had written was wrong. “They are regretting their wrongdoing and illegal act, and they apologized and asked us to be lenient. We have since confirmed the authenticity of the writer, and we confirmed that the writer personally deleted the false post,” the agency added.


Image courtesy of The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

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