Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara welcome their baby boy


Joaquin Phoenix and his fiancee, Rooney Mara, have finally become parents to a healthy baby boy named River.

The pair met on the set of Her in 2013. Since then, they have starred in several films together, including 2018’s Mary Magdalene. The duo got engaged last year in July.

Together, they made their first red carpet appearance in 2017 at the Cannes Film Festival, and two years later, Joaquin admitted to Vanity Fair that they were officially in a relationship.

It was reported back in June 2020 that Joker actor Joaquin Phoenix might be expecting a baby with Rooney Mara. Neither Phoenix nor Mara had confirmed the news of the pregnancy, until now.

However, director Victor Kossakovsky revealed the news at a screening during the 2020 Zurich Film Festival, where Joaquin was the executive producer on Victor’s film Gunda.

Kossakovsky said that Phoenix did not attend the event because “he just got a baby” and adding more details, he said: “a beautiful son.” He further shared a heartwarming moment by revealing that Joaquin and Rooney named their son, River.


Joaquin Phoenix’s son’s name is a tribute to his late brother

River Phoenix is known for his roles in Stand By Me, Running on Empty, and My Own Private Idaho. On Oct. 31, 1993, he died in a tragic accident, after a drug overdose at the Viper Room in West Hollywood.

The Joker cast member, who was 19 years old at the time, was with him at the time and called 9-1-1.

Joaquin Phoenix quotes a song lyric of his late brother River

Joaquin won the Best Actor at the Academy Awards, back in February, for his tremendous performance in Joker.

During his emotional acceptance speech, the actor quoted a song lyric his late brother River wrote when he was a teenager as follows:

“I have been a scoundrel all my life; I’ve been selfish. I’ve been cruel at times, hard to work with, and I’m grateful that so many of you in this room have given me a second chance. I think that’s when we’re at our best: when we support each other.”

He concluded his speech by saying that his brother wrote this lyric when he was 17 years old.

In addition to this, Joaquin’s other siblings have also paid tribute to River while naming their children. Liberty Phoenix named her son Rio, while Summer Phoenix has a son named Indiana, owing to a tribute to River’s role as young Indy in Indiana Jones.

Image used courtesy of Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock

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