Jobless woman creates her cake business due to COVID-19

A jobless woman begins a cake business after losing her job due to COVID-19.

More than 700,000 jobs have been closed due to the coronavirus, according to information gathered by the Department of Labor. Most juveniles have encountered the most significant rate of unemployment, according to the summary. With this, some people are doing anything and everything they can to hold up financially, especially the jobless women.

During the pandemic and epidemic season, most people had to lose their job and become financially affected. In March, most people turned unemployed, and it’s a difficult position to balance their economic problems. They spent their time on anything work to earn money.

Katie Garcia-Swann, a native jobless woman, lost her job in March during the COVID-19 situation. She became unemployed and had gone through financial stress. Katie found a new route to live, so she turns to social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and the official website.

Discovers Katie Cakes

She was beginning a web-based bakery named “Katie Cakes” that gives a great deal of success to her. A few months ago, in her statement, “I was working in the commercial kitchen, and it has many differences from our home kitchen.” Katie Garcia bakes 10 celebration cakes and distributes it to people for their celebration across Middle Tennessee. She proudly said that the web-based online business fastly unfolded that she have ever expected. She spends nearly 30 hours a week preparing 12 to 20 celebration cakes, and her husband Cris delivers the cake with the availability of the free delivery system.

Cris mentioned, “I love playing the part of the delivery driver. I got an opportunity to travel and visit the great city that we live in.  Here we have many places to visit in Nashville, a famous historic neighborhood, and had never seen places also”. After that, Katie Garcia-Swann smiled and said that Cris finished 95% of delivery work, and he also looked after their 1-year old son. Cris entertained the child rest of the delivery time. They run their life peacefully with their child in Phoenix.

Productive luxurious time

She, too, spends her time with her son and gain the success of Katie’s cake, it allows her to resign from the former job. Now, after an extended period, she intensely feels astonished.

The people of the church community support and spread the phrase “Katie cake” to increase sales. Katie Garcia said, “Without our confidence, hope, prayers, and without our church people support, everything is not possible.”

Image courtesy of Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

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