Joe Biden touts ‘stunning progress,’ lifts outdoor mask guidelines


U.S. President Joe Biden said that fully vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear masks when outside.

Wearing face masks is one of the most effective ways to decrease the risk of COVID-19 contraction. While the case remains to be true, U.S. President Joe Biden recently announced that the country now has a set of new guidelines regarding face masks.

Earlier this week, the leader, alongside health experts, stated that individuals who have already received all COVID-19 vaccine shots may now “safely engage in outdoor activities” without wearing masks. Reuters released a report on the matter detailing the newly issued recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

New mask guidelines from CDC

Joe Biden said that people who are fully vaccinated may now “do more things, more safely,” both indoors and outdoors. He noted, however, that wearing masks still remains a precautionary measure, especially when in big crowds or at stadium events.

The CDC deemed the new guidelines as the “first step” in helping vaccinated residents continue their activities amid the pandemic crisis. Following the announcement, the agency released informative materials on various platforms to educate the public further on the matter.

Based on the publicized information, they encourage everyone to “choose safer activities” despite the lifting of mask guidelines in outdoor spaces. They have also provided infographic material to help individuals know which activities apply in the new measures.

Some examples are gathering indoors and outdoors, as well as doing activities with family members outside. But, these come with reservations as social distancing measures should still be regarded.

“Stunning progress” in the United States

Joe Biden cited the country’s “stunning progress” in sharing the new mask guidelines on Tuesday. He said that the COVID-19 cases are now “down dramatically,” adding that deaths among seniors have dropped by 80 percent.

The new measures are also seemingly an effort to encourage others to get their respective vaccinations. Reports said that only 29 percent of the country’s total population is fully vaccinated.

Joe Biden takes off his mask in public

During the announcement, the U.S. President emerged from the White House with his face mask. ABC said that he, however, took it off before delivering his remarks.

After finishing his statements, Joe Biden headed back inside without his mask. It was a “rare instance” because he always covered his face in public. When asked about the matter, he said that he wanted everyone to see it.

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