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Joe Biden, Jill praised for remembering 500K lives lost to COVID-19


Joe Biden and Jill Biden led the nation in remembering those who lost their battle against COVID-19, and Twitter users praised the first couple.

Joe Biden and Jill Biden led the people to honor those who died due to coronavirus. The president also gave an encouraging statement promising the country that it will eventually recover.

Joe Biden and Jill praised on Twitter

Several Twitter users couldn’t help but thanked President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden for helping the nation move forward amid the pandemic without forgetting those who lost their battle against COVID-19.

One netizen thanked Biden for being a decent and compassionate leader. The online user said it was an overpowering relief to have him at the Oval office after four years of non-stop corruption and immorality.

Another netizen commended Biden’s leadership, saying it was very different having “human beings in leadership.” The online user was thankful and was praying for the country and those who lost so much due to the pandemic.

“Thank you for doing this and acknowledging the lives lost and the dangers of COVID19 instead of trying to cover it up and calling it “just like the flu,” as the former President did. U r saving lives and preventing deaths, whereas Dump threw us all under the bus to be killed,” @Jessica21683043 added.

What did the POTUS say at the event?

President Joe Biden sympathized with the people who lost their loved ones due to the virus by sharing his personal experience of losing a significant person in his life. The POTUS said he could relate to their pain and loneliness.

“For the loved ones left behind: I know all too well. I know what it’s like not to be there when it happens. I know what it’s like when you are there holding their hands, there’s a look in their eye and they slip away,” he said.

Biden asked the people to join him and his wife, Jill Biden, as they remember what went through in order to heal. He also promised that there is light in the darkness, and in time, the nation will smile again. Biden gave the people hope by mentioning sunny days and how the country will find joy again.

He also reminded everyone to resist becoming numb. He knew that the nation has been fighting the pandemic for so long, but the people should resist becoming numb to the sorrow and viewing each life as a statistic on the news.

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