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Joe Biden, Kamala Harris campaign expands in ‘Animal Crossing’ realm


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris expand their Presidential campaign digitally amid the coronavirus pandemic, as they take on the Animal Crossing platform.

In a world still loomed by COVID-19, the virtual realm has been the reality of the many. The Joe Biden campaign sees that and builds a platform within it.

During the Democrat National Convention (DNC), the Democrats decided to give the public a full-on digital event. An alternative sought to be safe while the United States continues to battle the coronavirus.

Many events have gone virtually as well, as the gaming community witness many gaming giants debuted their online events, such as EA Play and even Apple’s WWDC 2020.

The Animal Crossing platform

The Animal Crossing platform has been used by many celebrities. The game has also hosted many talk shows and in-game concerts. And props to the Joe Biden campaign for observing the game’s innovative capabilities.

According to The Verge, starting September 1, Animal Crossing: New Horizon players will now be able to “to deck out their island homes with official Joe Biden yard signs.”

There are four sign designs up for download. They are the:

  • Official Biden-Harris logo
  • Team Joe logo
  • “Joe” Pride logo
  • Biden’s signature aviator sunglasses shaded in red, white, and blue

All of which are accessible via the design QR codes through the Nintendo Switch Online app. Meanwhile, the QR codes for each Yard sign can be found here.

Watch out for more digital campaign tactics

According to The New York Times, this isn’t the first time the Joe Biden campaign has used a popular video game to promote the Democrat presidential candidate. This will surely won’t be the last, as well, as Christian Tom the campaign’s director of digital partnerships says,

“We’re already looking forward to rolling out more digital swag, voter education tools and organizing efforts on Animal Crossing and other platforms.”

Tom describes the Nintendo Switch title as a “dynamic, diverse, and powerful platform that brings communities together from across the world.”

He further expressed:

“As we enter the final campaign stretch towards November, this is one way we are finding new creative and innovative ways to meet voters where they are and bring our supporters together.”

Meanwhile, the Democrat’s digital move has already been criticized by its rival. The New York Times quotes President Trump‘s campaign deputy national press secretary, Samantha Zager, saying:

“This explains everything: Joe Biden thinks he’s campaigning for President of Animal Crossing from his basement.”

Zager cites that Trump will do the opposite and campaign in the “real world.”

Featured image courtesy of Joe Biden Campaign store

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