Joe Biden on why face masks are important

Joe Biden wishes President Donald Trump well and reminded him that wearing a face mask is important.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is the least surprised when it comes to Presiden Donald Trump’s diagnosis of COVID-19. While speaking at an NBC Television Town Hall event in Miami, Florida, the former vice president said he’s glad to see the president doing well after his diagnosis.

While talking to the moderator, Lester Holt, Biden focused on the importance of masks and social distancing, saying that it saves lives. He added that people should be concerned about the spread of the disease and should take precautions seriously.

The president returned to the White House just four days after testing positive for COVID-19. Along with him, at least eight people have tested positive in the White House since October 3 (Saturday).

Wearing a mask is a patriotic duty

President Trump left the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on October 5 (Monday) after his medical staff recorded normal temperatures and blood oxygen levels. After reaching the palace in a helicopter, Trump removed his face mask while posing for pictures and saluting others.

In a video shortly released after his hospitalization, he urges his fellow Americans not to be afraid of the virus.

On the other hand, while speaking in the same event, Biden referred to the act of wearing a mask as a patriotic duty. He added that one could protect his family, neighbors, and co-workers by simply wearing a mask during this pandemic.

Unlike Trump, Joe and his family have always been cautious about social distancing and other COVID-19 protocols. So far, he has maintained low key events and opted for regular tests. He further stated that presidents should maintain transparency when it comes to their physical health state.

The first presidential debate and the results

The first presidential debate on September 29 was named the worst in US political history. It has seen some remarkable exchanges like “Will you shut up, man?” from Biden in response to his opponent’s constant interruption.

Instead of calling him a clown, he wishes that he should address the whole debate as a clownish undertaking. Following the debate, Biden reached a new 12-point lead in the WSJ poll.

He also stated that it was a concerning event to see trump’s family, staff, and followers without masks while his family, supporters, and staff were sitting just ahead of them with masks on.

Holt acknowledged that two out of three people think that the president should bear some responsibility for spreading the virus among his staff and family. Despite Trump’s release from the hospital, the physicians have yet to reveal if Trump’s tests showed negative after hospitalization.

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