Joe Biden sparks health concerns about mental fitness after this incident


Joe Biden sparked health concerns after he appeared confused when asked about the cyberattack that happened last week, according to a report.

Joe Biden, 78, appears fit and healthy. However, he was photographed looking confused in one outing which sparked health concerns about his mental fitness, Express reported.

Joe Biden sparked health concerns

Last week, a “colossal” ransomware attack in the United States affected about 200 businesses. Security firm Huntress Labs said on Friday that it believed the Russia-linked REvil ransomware gang was behind the attacks.

President Joe Biden stepped out on Saturday in Central Lake, Michigan and popped into the King Orchards farm store to buy some pies. A journalist approached him and asked him about the cyber attack.

The POTUS did not let the reporter finish the question and immediately replied that the US Intelligence wasn’t sure if Moscow ordered the attack.

“We’re not sure it’s the Russians,” he was quoted by Express as saying.

Biden added that he got a brief when he was on the plane and it was the reason he got late getting off the aircraft.

“I’ll be in better shape to talk to you about it..” he continued before cutting himself and fumbled around in his pockets looking for some notes to help him answer the questions.

He glanced at his crib sheet and explained they were not sure who was behind the attack. He added that he already directed the full resources of the government to assist in a response if ever they determined the hackers.

He paused for a moment and said he already directed the intelligence community give him more details about the incident.

“I’ll know better tomorrow,” he added.

The outlet noted that he looked and sounded confused during the interview. Thus, many were concerned if Biden was just doing fine.

Twitter reacts to the video

The video of Joe Biden answering the question received a lot of reactions from the netizens. The opinions were mixed with some questioning his potential as a leader.

One said the POTUS is in no position to lead. Meanwhile, another said Biden is unfit for anything and was surprised that many are still defending him. A different user described the POTUS as a “poor guy” who “needs a doctor” immediately.

Meanwhile, Biden’s supporters objected. One said the president didn’t look confused at all and urged his critics to stop.

A different user said that the video was edited similar to another altered video of Nancy Pelosi where she appeared drunk and slurring. The netizen said Biden appeared distracted but gave a lucid response.

Image used courtesy of Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

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