Joey King wants to ‘hug’ Brad Pitt on ‘Bullet Train’ set but can’t

Joey King wants to 'hug' Brad Pitt on 'Bullet Train' set but can't

Joey King admits that she wants to hug his Bullet Train costar Brad Pitt, but she just can’t.

Joey King has the pleasure of working with Hollywood’s big names, including Brad Pitt and Lady Gaga, in the upcoming action thriller film Bullet Train. The Kissing Booth star talks about her career, goal as an actress, and how it is filming with the award-winning actor.

Joey King on filming with Brad Pitt

Joey King has the opportunity to work with Brad Pitt, Lady Gaga, Brian Tyree Henry, Logan Lerman, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Bullet Train. They are currently filming, and King shared how things were going on set.

“The feeling of being on a set, the feeling of meeting all those new people, hugging on them, loving them, and just creating this family — it’s not there,” she told InStyle.

King explained that due to the pandemic, the actors couldn’t bond as much as they want. They have to stay in their pods and couldn’t really interact with each other. She wants to know everyone’s name, but she can’t leave her pod.

When asked if she wants to hug Pitt, King gave a positive response. “I want to hug Brad Pitt,” she said while laughing.

King on her career and goal

Joey King, 21, has enough accomplishments for her age. She starred alongside Julianne Moore in Crazy, Stupid, Love at age 10 and received an Emmy nomination for portraying Gipsy Rose Blanchard in The Act.  She admitted that she was happy to continue playing young onscreen.

She is aware that she looks young, and she notices how even the young actresses she loves throttle themselves into the most mature role they can find when they hit a bit of zeitgeist. King doesn’t wish to do the same because she wants to be in the industry for a very, very long time, so she is taking her time and enjoying the young roles she plays at present.

Just like most, if not all, actors, King wants to win an Academy Award. However, she is more focused on her personal growth. She admitted that she struggled with body image issues in the past and found photos of her in magazines that she hated.

She found it interesting how spending seconds looking at those photos could completely change the narrative around her, especially on how she feels about herself and the way others feel about her. But as time goes by, she has learned to brush them off instead of letting those pictures change her mood.


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