John Krasinski warms hearts by hosting ‘epic’ virtual senior promenade


On his YouTube show Some Good News, John Krasinski announced he would be “DJing” a virtual prom for senior high students whose promenades were canceled because of the ongoing pandemic. He followed through on Friday, April 18, and attendees say it was epic. 

In response to the ban and suspension of all classes, gatherings, and social events, senior high students in the U.S. find their annual Easter promenades canceled as well. The Office actor John Krasinski deals with this quite differently, CNN said.

Through his YouTube web series called Some Good News, he operates inside his home and hosted a virtual promenade so the said students would not miss out on such an experience.

Stars as senior prom guests

Not only did he host the promenade, but Krasinski also did all the preparations before the event, from designing the main backdrop of the “virtual stage” to directing the main parts of the program properly. 

He was also able to gather the participation of some celebrities and encouraged them to join him in the online event. Celebrities Billie Ellish and The Jonas Brothers were some of the featured stars who performed for the senior high students in the online event. 

A way for families to bond amid the pandemic

Although the event was primarily dedicated to the young students, letters have shown how parents have also joined their children in the event with some fathers taking their daughters on their first dance. 

Parents reacted positively and were stunned by Krasinski’s genuine gesture of letting the children experience this milestone. They also lauded how much they appreciate the stars who participated in the virtual prom and added that they have come to see them in a different light.

Krasinski is the ultimate Prom King

As opposed to the usual image of a playful prom king, the virtual prom’s DJ proved to be one-of-a-kind. Onlookers comment that “although they had the best prom during their time, it was nothing like the one hosted by Krasinski.”

In retrospect, the event gained only the best reactions, and many have come to increasingly admire the star for all his good deeds. While his show was created exclusively for the whole duration of the quarantine period, some say that the memories he created for his viewers would last a lifetime.


Featured image courtesy of SomeGoodNews/YouTube Screenshot.

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