John Lennon deemed ‘Eight Days A Week’ a ‘lousy’ track

John Lennon deemed 'Eight Days A Week' a 'lousy' track

Despite the huge success, John Lennon thought of ‘Eight Days A Week’ as a “lousy” Beatles song.

Since the emergence of The Beatles, fans have loved all of their songs. Aside from the creativity and unique sound of the tracks, the charming and pleasing personalities of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr were also part of the reason for their success.

Despite their fame and achievements, the celebrities also reportedly faced challenges and struggles. Just like any artist, they also experienced the difficulties of coming up with a new song, according to Cheat Sheet.

They had a hard time finishing the track

Aside from the challenges of creating a new album, John Lennon and the rest of the group reportedly had a “great deal of trouble” coming up a single that would match some of the greatest works, ‘She Loves You’ and ‘A Hard Day’s Night.’

But, in late 1964, they started to work on it for their fourth album. As stated, ‘Eight Days A Week’ was the “first” song that The Beatles never finished the arrangement in one session. This practice reportedly became very common to the group later on.

Nearly two decades after, John Lennon reportedly admitted that they indeed “struggled” recording the track. They also had a hard time making it into a song, he added.

‘Eight Days A Week’ topped the charts upon the release

In December 1964, The Beatles released the album, ‘Beatles for Sale.’ As reported, ‘Eight Days A Week’ went out as the “best track” on the album in the United Kingdom.

In February of the following year, the track went out as a single. But, it, later on, appeared on ‘Beatles VI’ for the North American release, as per reports.

Shortly after the release, it topped the pop charts. Based on general reception, it did not surprise fans anymore. Also, it reportedly became the band’s “seventh number one” single on the Billboard Hot 100.

John Lennon deemed it “never a good song”

Despite the huge success, John Lennon reportedly told in an interview with David Sheff that ‘Eight Days A Week’ was “never a good song.” As per the Beatles Book, he took the effort a “contrast” of their “creative bursts” since they struggled with the track.

He continued to share that Help! (the group’s second film), was similar to ‘Eight Days A Week’ for them. The fans liked both of them. However, The Beatles did not reportedly “share” the same opinion.

They were not “our best.” They were “lousy” and “a bit manufactured,” John Lennon described.


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