John Mayer secretly dated Halsey last year rumor debunked

John Mayer secretly dated Halsey last year rumor debunked

John Mayer and Halsey sparked dating rumors last year.

But 365 days later, Gossip Cop revisited a tabloid’s dubious story about John Mayer and Halsey to clarify that the two never dated.

John Mayer, Halsey secretly dated last year

Star previously claimed that the artists were secretly dating. Back then, a source told the tabloid that Mayer and Halsey had so much fun when they hung out that they decided to invite each other at their respective concerts.

The insider also pointed out that Mayer and Halsey are playful with each other on social media. And this is, allegedly, a confirmation that they are dating.

John Mayer, Halsey secretly dated last year 

Rumors debunked

However, Gossip Cop spoke with a rep for Mayer and they found out that the tabloid’s claims are incorrect. The “Your Body Is A Wonderland” singer also denied that he was dating Halsey when the story first made headlines.

Shortly after Star published their questionable story, Halsey dated Evan Peters. Mayer, on the other hand, is still single.

By the looks of it, Mayer and Halsey are nothing more than friends. And they seem to be close. In fact, Jennifer Aniston’s ex-boyfriend made a cameo on Halsey’s album, Manic.

On her Twitter account, Halsey revealed that Mayer’s message was played in her song “3 am.” The artist also revealed that John Mayer was one of the people that believed in her before she released Manic.

John Mayer linked to Cazzie David, Katy Perry, Jennifer Aniston

This isn’t the first time that Star linked Mayer to someone that he’s not exactly dating. Two years ago, they claimed that he and Cazzie David were an item.

Last year, the tabloid claimed that Mayer was upset over Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s engagement. After all, Mayer was still, allegedly, hoping to get back together with the “Roar” singer.

Mayer was also linked to Aniston last year. OK! magazine claimed that the exes recently got in touch with each other.

“Jen had been texting him to ask how he was or to share funny stories. He’d get back to her within minutes. They’ve been on good terms and were excited to realize their chemistry is alive and well,” the source said.

However, this isn’t true either. There is no concrete proof that Aniston and Mayer got back in touch with each other last year.

Months later, Mayer also posted a cryptic response on Instagram when a fan asked why he’s still single.

“Google me,” John Mayer said.

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