John McAfee announces new X-Rated presidential platform

Bitcoin bull John McAfee has announced an X-rated presidential platform – and called for senior citizens to be able to shoot people at will.

WARNING: This story is not suitable for anyone easily offended … or most other people either.

Anti-virus pioneer and cryptocurrency investor John McAfee has been tweeting up an X-rated storm to his 1.1 million followers over the Christmas period.

McAfee is once again running for US President, following his unsuccessful attempt to secure the Libertarian Party nomination in 2016.

His 2020 Presidential campaign is being conducted from exile as he’s been forced out of the US, Bahamas, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic all within the past year.

Although his official McAfee 2020 website says he’s running on a freedom from Government platform, McAfee now says his campaign will be based entirely around … anal sex.

This is the time to stop reading

On December 29, he released a video on Twitter with a warning it was FOR ADULT MEN ONLY.

In it he revealed he’d been a ‘butt man’ since the age of 7 when his baby sitter bent over to pick up some shoes and he went on to extol the virtues of anal fisting with a very graphic description of the act.

The video has been seen by 656,000 people so far and racked up 1400 comments and 12,000 likes.

Rather than transcribe it in gory detail here, you can watch it if you want, but he finished by saying:

“Now my presidential campaign is going to be based entirely on anal sex. You’ve got to have some platform, and quite frankly I couldn’t think of one. so this is mine.”

In a further tweet he also shared way too much information that he’d also been on the receiving end of such nocturnal activities.

In a follow-up video seen by 112,000 viewers, with a warning it was FOR THOSE 65 AND OLDER, McAfee announced he will also lobby for a new law “for everybody over the age of 65 that gives us the right to shoot whoever we want for whatever f— reason.”

“Just imagine this you’re in the steakhouse and there’s a 10-year-old boy just annoying the shit out of everybody and an elderly grandmother gets up, pulls out a .38 special and pops him. F— me. Too late for that kid but every other kid a) will pay attention and b) better behave.”

He suggested that as Congress is composed of elderly people, this would help the policy get over the line.

I’m going for a record of the most “OK boomer” comments in a single post” he tweeted afterward.

In other “eccentric” tweets he also called for old people to be allowed to “drive even if blind and deaf” and for a special pass to allow selected white people to use the ‘N word’.

Bitcoin $12k

Controversy follows McAfee

While he’s treated as an eccentric and somewhat humorous figure in the crypto community for his $1 million Bitcoin price prediction, there is a darker side to the story.

He is currently on the run from US tax authorities after having refused to pay taxes since 2010. In July 2019 he was arrested and held for four days in the Dominican Republic on suspicion of carrying high caliber weapons.

The 2016 Netflix documentary Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee also looked into his possible involvement in the murder of his neighbor Gregory Faull in Belize.

While he was never charged with the crime and describes the documentary as ‘fiction’, in March 2019 he was hit with a $25 million wrongful death judgment in a lawsuit brought by Faull’s estate.

McAfee said he had not responded to the lawsuit and would not pay the judgement.

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