John Travolta keeps Kelly Preston’s memory alive months after her death

John Travolta keeps Kelly Preston's memory alive months after her death

John Travolta is, reportedly, keeping Kelly Preston’s memory alive months after her death.

According to In Touch Weekly, John Travolta made an extra effort over the holidays to make his family’s celebration memorable.

A source said that this is what Preston would’ve wanted. The 57-year-old passed away in July following a two-year battle with cancer.

“She used to take care of everything: decorating, gifts, Christmas dinner. John knew he had to do the same,” the source said.

John Travolta standing strong for his kids

Travolta also, reportedly, did the best that he could to be with his two other children, Ella and Ben.

The source also said that the actor has been receiving support from Tom Hanks’ wife, Rita Wilson. Travolta also developed a close friendship with his Grease co-star, Olivia Newton-John following the death of his wife.

“There’s no one in John’s inner circle who has been as close to him as Olivia has during all of this, and he doesn’t know what he’d do without all of their heart-to-heart talks. He even shared with Olivia long before Kelly became sick that he was terrified of losing her to some tragedy. It was the heartbreaking secret he never told Kelly,” the source said.

John Travolta stays out of social media 

John Travolta stays out of social media

The insider also claimed that Travolta has decided to stay out of the limelight for now as he deals with his tragic loss.

“He needs time to process the enormity of what’s happened without any outside interference. There’s simply no room for anything except the practical responsibilities of being a dad,” the source said.

The insider also alleged that John Travolta has been turning to the Church of Scientology for help and support.

“The church helped him tremendously when he tragically lost Jett. John has a strong faith and will find the inner strength to get him and the kids through this. He just wants to honor Kelly’s legacy and be the best person he can be for her sake,” the source said.

The actor’s touching video

One month after Preston’s death, Travolta revealed how his family has been coping following their loss.

On his social media account, he shared a video of himself dancing with his daughter in memory of Preston.

“One of Kelly’s favorite things was dancing with me,” John Travolta captioned the clip.

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