John Travolta spilling Scientology’s secrets after quitting the religion: Rumor

John Travolta spilling Scientology's secrets after quitting the religion: Rumor

John Travolta, allegedly, has plans to quit Scientology. On top of this, he’s also, allegedly, ready to spill all the religion’s secrets.

According to In Touch Weekly, John Travolta is still in the process of moving on following his wife’s death.

And as the actor tries to find peace with his new life as a widower, he’s also gearing up to make some huge decisions.

“Friends are whispering that he’s ready to spill all of Scientology’s secrets now that he’s breaking away from the church. It would give him closure – and it’s the church’s biggest nightmare,” the source said.

John Travolta gearing to take down Scientology

The source said that Travolta can expose some classified information that only Scientologists know about. And if he does, the Church of Scientology could go down in flames.

After all, the religion has already faced a slew of complaints throughout the years.

“The church has also been accused of exploiting children, perpetuating violence against members of its Sea Org branch, and even hiding money in Australia. What John could expose would be epic,” the source said.

Scientologists deny the allegations against them

Throughout the years, there have also been allegations claiming that the Church of Scientology is a cult. And they were built on mind control and destruction.

The members of Scientology are also, allegedly, isolated from the outside world. And their access to information is also limited, controlled, and monitored.

However, the Church of Scientology has denied all the tabloid’s claims. Still, they are insisting that John Travolta could break open the issue and expose the truth about the religion.

“As a high-ranking member, John could shed light on a number of scandals that have plagued the church over the years,” the source said.

Tom Cruise confronted John Travolta

Tom Cruise confronted John Travolta

And if the actor unveils shocking truths about the religion, he could, allegedly, go head to head with Tom Cruise, who is a devout Scientologist.

“Tom and John have always tiptoed around each other, but they really got into it when Tom recently was informed John was pulling away from the church. Tom called John, and they had a very heated conversation,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Cruise didn’t have any discussion with John Travolta about the latter quitting Scientology and exposing it secrets.

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