John Wick creator gets greenlight to create ‘My Friend Pedro’ TV Series


Having previously showed interest in wanting to make a TV series out of a shooting video game title, John Wick creator Derek Kolstad is finally given the green light to bring My Friend Pedro into the small screen.

It can be recalled that the legendary writer is remarked for wanting to make a TV series out of two video games. One being Bendy and the Ink Machine and another being My Friend Pedro.

Once fleshed out, the original shoot ‘em up title will become an R-rated, half-hour drama-comedy series.

A Collab Production

The TV series makes for a collaborative project between three different companies, namely 87North Productions, DJ2 Entertainment, and Legendary Entertainment.

Famed for writing the script of the three John Wick movies, Kolstad will also be penning for the TV series and producing it. Alongside Derek Kolstad are also a number of executive producers who will pitch in for the series’ episodes.

Onboard with the production are David Leitch and Kelly McCormick who will both play as executive producers of the project.

To their credit, husband and wife Leitch and McCormick are popular for directing Hobbs & Shaw and Deadpool 2. While without credit, Leitch also co-directed the first John Wick movie.

Other executive producers include DJ2 Entertainment’s Stephan and Johnson Bugaj, as well as Howard Bliss.

DJ2 Entertainment is also the same company that produced the Sonic the Hedgehog film. Furthermore, it also recently acquired rights to make a TV adaptation of Disco Elysium.

Lastly, Digital Devolver’s co-founder, Mike Wilson, will also take part in the creation of the TV series as an exec producer.

Happy Creator

Game’s creator Victor Agren admits that My Friend Pedro takes inspiration after both Kolstad and Leitch’s works. Subsequently also coming to admittance regarding the project a “dream come true.”

It is not just Agren who appears to be happy with the way things are turning out. Even Digital Devolver’s Mike Wilson himself is glad to see Hollywood paying attention to independent games.

Made by DeadToast Entertainment, My Friend Pedro is an action-shooting game involving a talking banana and a man’s descent into trouble post-encounter.

Designed to be both comedic and high-octane, My Friend Pedro offers 2D platforming action, featuring the iconic bullet time mode.

Originally released for only the Switch and PC back in June 2019, the game subsequently saw release on other platforms.

Generally positively received, some critics allude to My Friend Pedro as a good emulation of John Woo movies in a video game format.

Image used courtesy of Gamespot Trailers/YouTube Screenshot

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