Johnny Depp accuses Amber of organizing drugs for friends at wedding

Johnny Depp accuses Amber of organizing drugs for friends at wedding

Johnny Depp is accusing Amber Heard of organizing drugs for her pals during their wedding in 2015.

During the fourth day of his hearing against The Sun and NGN, the court heard new details from Johnny Depp and Heard’s wedding in Las Vegas. They were claims that the wedding schedule read, “Seven pm, rehearsal dinner, after dance party and drugs and music.”

The Sun published a mock-up of what Depp and Heard’s wedding invitation might have looked like with the written texts.

Johnny Depp confirms there were drugs at his wedding to Amber Heard

Depp confirmed that there were drugs at his and Heard’s wedding. But he said that he didn’t have any idea that a memo was sent out to their guests.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star alleged that Heard was the one who organized drugs for her friends as part of their wedding reception.

“That seems to be the plan,” he said.

Depp has always been open about his struggles with drugs and alcohol. And his ex-wife, Heard is suggesting that the actor beat her several times while he was high and intoxicated. However, the Edward Scissorhands actor has denied the claims.

Johnny Depp’s drug paraphernalia shown in court

Johnny Depp’s drug paraphernalia shown in court

This week, new photos of the actor curled up the floor while, allegedly, high were shown in court. The photos were taken by the Aquaman actress.

Another photo shows a table with alcohol and drugs at her house in Los Angeles. According to Page Six, the photo was taken in 2013.

Four lines of what, reportedly, looked like cocaine can be seen on the table together with a credit card. There are also two glasses of whiskey and a pillbox with the label “property of JD” on it.

Depp admitted that the drugs belonged to him. But he also uttered a cryptic statement.

“If they were mine, I would wonder why they had been photographed. I don’t even know if it’s cocaine or not,” he said (via Mirror).

Amber Heard’s assistant, Johnny Depp accuses the actress of taking drugs

In March, Heard’s former personal assistant, Kate James said in her declaration that she oftentimes saw the actress taking drugs.

“Amber often took other drugs during the time of my employment, such as mushrooms and MDMA. She was open about it, almost to the point of bragging. The assortment of drugs and a great deal of wine would mean that when I woke up in the morning, there would almost always be a barrage of incoherent abuse sent to me from Amber by text between around 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. I discovered later that she had gone ahead and deleted all evidence of abusive texts from that iCloud account,” James said (via The Blast).

Johnny Depp also accused Heard of taking drugs and abusing her previous partners.

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