Johnny Depp called Amber Heard’s statement ‘porky pies,’ misleading a psychiatrist

On the continuation of Johnny Depp’s libel case against The Sun, the actor accused his ex-wife, Amber Heard, of trying to mislead a psychiatrist about their relationship.

Calling Heard’s statement as “porky pies,” the latter, reportedly, told her psychiatrist her career threatened Johnny Depp. The 34-year-old actress alleged her former husband was jealous of her work with James Franco.

Heard and Franco worked together in Pineapple Express and The Adderall Diaries.

Heard’s alleged ‘porky pies’

The publication’s lawyer, Sasha Wass, revealed to the high court in London that her estranged husband’s private doctor treated the Aquaman star for anxiety. The physician then referred her to another doctor, named Dr. Connell Cowan.

In a medical note, Wass said Cowan noted that her career threatened the Pirates of the Caribbean star. He was, allegedly, jealous of any romantic scenes the model had to do.

“Her movie with JF [James Franco] precipitated a binge that put JD in the hospital,” the note read, BBC noted. “Everyone around J [Johnny Depp] seems to be intimidated by his power and money. No-one stands up to him.”

Depp was then asked if he knew any reason why Heard would say such things.

“I believe it had a benefit to her motivation,” he explained. “I think she was telling porky pies with her psychiatrist.”

Other medical notes about Johnny Depp

Wass also read out the medical note from Depp’s own doctor, David Kipper. The medical professional claimed he “romanticizes the entire drug culture and has no accountability for his behavior.”

Kipper also revealed Depp paid “lip service” to people, like the latter’s friend Sir Elton John, for their celebrity status rather than their “struggle with sobriety.”

Depp denied the allegation, saying Kipper, Heard, and another nurse, who looked after him in the Bahamas, “just met” at the time. Hence, they didn’t have something to do with their lives a couple or in general, “as yet.”

Other medical notes that Wass read included the one in which Depp, allegedly, punched the wall during an argument with Heard. At the time, he was, reportedly, seen seated in the kitchen with “scraped and bloodied knuckles.”

The barrister suggested it seemed to be how he expressed his anger. Depp then made a remarkable statement. He said he would instead hit “an inanimate object” than the person he loved.

Deadline noted that Depp’s detox trip on his private island in the Bahamas was one of the 14 alleged incidents that he, allegedly, hurt Heard. He vehemently denied that he “hit and pushed” Heard. He even insisted he couldn’t do it with his condition.

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