Johnny Depp fell for Amber Heard’s agenda, actress wanted to marry him

Johnny Depp accused his ex-wife Amber Heard of approaching him with the agenda of marrying him.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard dated for a couple of years before tying the knot in 2015. However, when they did, their marriage only lasted for a year. According to the Pirates of the Caribbean star, Heard planned to marry him.

Johnny Depp spoke about Amber Heard’s agenda

On Tuesday, Johnny Depp took the stand during the trial of his libel case against The Sun. The actor sued the tabloid for calling him “wife-beater.”

In his statement, the 56-year-old actor recalled how Amber Heard approached him. She allegedly posed as an expert in topics of his interest.

According to Depp, Heard presented herself to him as his carbon copy. She made it known to him that they have the “same interests, thoughts, favorite writers, and taste in music and art.”

Depp didn’t notice the red flag and never saw Heard as someone “calculated, sociopathic and emotionally dishonest.” Instead, he found it “endearing and sweet.”

“She was beautiful, seemingly incredibly interested in me and my work, and I fell for it,” Depp said in court documents obtained by People.

“It was not until much later that I understood that she had an agenda, namely to get married to me in order to progress her own career and/or to benefit financially, and she knew how to bring it about.”

Depp felt that he was an “easy target.” Besides, he described his ex-wife as someone “calculating” and “completely emotionally dishonest.”


Amber Heard’s PA supported Johnny’s claim

Amber Heard’s PA Kate James also noticed how Heard mimicked Johnny Depp’s taste and fashion. According to her, the Justice League star dressed differently during their first meeting. However, it changed “drastically” when she went out with Depp.

“When I first met Amber, her clothing style was what I would call preppy,” James recalled.

“Very soon afterwards that also drastically changed, almost overnight, as she tried to morph into a bohemian way of dressing, wearing more and more silver jewelry, eventually adding a repertoire of hats, which also appeared to me to be mimicking Johnny’s style.”

James also helped Heard renovate her apartment. When she visited Depp’s place, she couldn’t believe that it was exactly the feel and ambiance that Heard wanted to achieve in her own space.

“I couldn’t believe how similar it was to what Amber was in the process of trying to create. It was almost identical,” she added.

James considered Heard’s changes “bizarre.” Between the exes, James sympathized with Depp over Heard.

She called Heard abusive. Meanwhile, she found Depp “softly spoken” and “peaceful.”

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