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Johnny Depp: Greg Ellis reveals experience working with the actor


Johnny Depp made a mark when he played one of his most iconic roles in Hollywood – Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. But how was it to work with a legendary actor with a superb style in character acting?

In an interview with Express, Greg Ellis revealed the acting process Johnny Depp showed in the Pirates of the Caribbean. The 52-year-old actor played the role of Lieutenant Commander Theodore Groves in the three Pirates movies and worked with Amber Heard’s ex.

Johnny Depp’s fluidity in his character

Ellis revealed the 57-year-old actor had a big say about his movie’s character. He would often overdress during a costume fitting, knowing that they would tone down his look.

“When he’d arrive on set, there was something,” the voice actor told Express. “With many actors, there’s a process to how you get to set and whether you’re in character.”

He went on to say that some actors would be talking to their co-actors before they take, while others needed to be in character. But in Johnny Depp’s case, he revealed there’s a “fluidity in his process.”

“You always got a sense of who the person was,” Ellis continued. “But you really sensed he was embodying that character when he got on set. He was there; he was ready to work.”

The Star Trek star, who was promoting his new video podcast series The Respondent, also wanted Johnny Depp to return to the Pirates franchise.

“I think for Pirates 6…in an ideal world every character, who the fans have fallen in love with will be able to come back to kind of wrap everything up,” he explained. “Ultimately it comes down to screenplay and story.”

“If Jack Sparrow isn’t a key, if not the key element, to wrapping up a multi-billion dollar franchise,” Ellis added. “Is it not akin to not having Captain Kirk in [the original] Star Trek?”

Disney’s reaction to Johnny Depp’s casting

Screenrant earlier reported that Disney wasn’t entirely in favor of Johnny Depp’s character in the Pirates movies. Jack Sparrow was initially set to be just a supporting role.

But with the first movie’s success, it paved the way for the character to be part of the next films.

At the time, the film producers were looking for the perfect actor to play the role. Fortunately, Johnny Depp was also eyeing to do a family film then and approached the studio when Pirates was still in development.

He prepared for the role, owned it, and surprised everyone at his first read-through. From then on, the rest is history as Johnny Depp’s character became the face of the movie series.

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